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Successful Internet Entrepreneur Sends His Online Wedding Business on the Honeymoon It Deserves

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2007 -- What happens when a successful online marketer finds himself laid up in a hospital bed heavily drugged on morphine for five days with no internet access? In the case of web marketing pro, Drew Kossoff, you take a deep look at your life and then decide to sell off all interests that are distracting you from making a difference in the world and enjoying the ultimate personal freedoms that a work at home lifestyle offers.

Kossoff, founder of Rainmaker Ad Ventures, announced today that he has accepted an ?all cash? multiple-six figure offer from Charlotte, North Carolina based Red Ventures for the purchase of one of his many online marketing endeavors - Bridal Media Ventures and its flagship eBook site:

Launched in 2002, has attracted a loyal readership of over 190,000 brides-to-be seeking advice on how to save money on many wedding basics without sacrificing the quality of their ?big day.? Author Stephi Stewart, a pen name for Kossoff?s wife, offers a myriad of free money saving wedding tips in her free newsletter, as well as more in-depth advice in her hugely popular ?Fire Your Wedding Planner ? Money Saving Secrets Every Bride Should Know? eBook which has sold over 25,000 copies and saved customers more than $7.5 million dollars off their wedding expenses.

?We originally launched Fire Your Wedding Planner to help engaged couples avoid all the scams and rip offs we encountered when planning our own wedding,? says Kossoff. ?We had no idea it would garner the media attention and popularity it did, let alone become an acquisition target for Red Ventures, one of the fastest growing companies in America.?

On the heels of his latest success, Kossoff is incubating several new undisclosed online endeavors all of which include a philanthropic component. ?My unexpected stint in the hospital was a radical wake up call for me. It made me question what?s truly important in life and inspired me to focus more of my time and energy on meaningful causes rather than just the next deal or dollar? remarks Kossoff, who enjoys working from his home office in Beverly Hills, far away from the stuffy politically charged hallways of corporate America.

About Rainmaker Ad Ventures

Rainmaker Ad Ventures, founded by altruistic entrepreneur Drew Kossoff, is a home-based Internet marketing company that specializes in advertising arbitrage, lead generation, and authority marketing. Rainmaker?s portfolio of multi-million dollar on-line interests range from bestselling ?authority? e-books and review sites, to large scale advertising and lead generation projects in a variety of industries from technology and multi-media to wedding planning and relationship advice. For more information visit:

About Red Ventures

Red Ventures is an innovative customer acquisition marketing company comprised of entrepreneurs, savvy marketers, IT developers, and motivated sales professionals. Their portfolio of companies markets leading brands such as DIRECTV, ADT Home Security, and Sirius Satellite Radio to consumers throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Each company in the portfolio is managed independently, with strong business leaders, aggressive goal-oriented team members, and industry-leading technology. Learn more at


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