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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Celebrate their Wedding in France with Latino Wedding Customs

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2007 -- Although Eva Longoria & Tony Parker's wedding took place in France it was filled with traditional Mexican wedding customs including the Lazo and Gold Coins. CasaQ, a Hispanic Lifestyle company knows how important it is for their clients and readers to retain the culture and customs of their ancestors and have compiled a list of some of the more popular traditions and their symbolism. One tradition seen in their wedding photos featured in OK Weekly is of the Parkers kneeling at the altar with a delicate beaded Lazo wrapped around both of their shoulders as a symbol of unity.

"Our Families are both Catholic, so it was important to do it in a church." Eva is quoted as saying in the OK Weekly article, "We added the Mexican traditions, with the lazo and the dimes (arras), the bible readings and lighting of the unity candle."

"Many customs of Latino weddings originated from European Christian traditions, which the indigenous people then blended with their religion and customs of worship," says Darlene Tenes, CEO of CasaQ, a Hispanic Lifestyle company. "When we plan our clients events we love to mix traditional and modern customs together to create a unique and heartfelt experience for their guests." Following are additional Latino wedding customs and their meanings:


Arras come from a Middle Eastern tradition brought to Europe by the Moors. Nowadays it is customary in Latin America for the 13 gold coins to be exchanged between the bride and groom to symbolize the sharing of fortune and wealth.

Ribbon Cake

In Argentina before the cake is cut and served, single women pull ribbons out of the cake. The lucky one (?) who gets the ribbon with the ring is said to marry within the year.


Beginning in 7th century Spain, the lasso (lazo) was used as a symbol of the sacramental union of marriage. Today, a double-looped rosary is often used as a lasso to be placed around the couple to show that they are bound together for life.


These party favors (capias) are usually handmade decorative pins and are very unique to each wedding. The Bride and Groom go around pinning the capias on the guests one by one or a doll dressed similar to the bride is diplayed and covered with capias for the guests to retrieve.


In Mexico at a Catholic wedding ceremony, the bride offers her bouquet to the Virgin Mary and leaves it at the foot of the statue in order to thank and ask her for her blessing.


The tradition of using fresh or waxed orange blossoms (azahares) as a bridal flower originated in Asia and spread to Europe then the Americas. The orange tree is one of the few in nature that bears flowers and fruit at the same time - a symbol of beauty and fertility.

About CasaQ

CasaQ is a San Jose-based Hispanic lifestyle company, founded by Darlene Tenes in 2005 that is dedicated to providing unique products, services and content geared toward people who embrace the Latino culture. For over a decade Ms. Tenes is renown for planning festive and creative Hispanic events, which incorporate the traditions and customs of Spain, Mexico and Latin America.


This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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