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Dell Computers Awards LiquidLuma Fine Art Photography with Ad on New York City's Times Square

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 16, 2007 -- Liquidluma Fine Art Photography was recognized by Dell as an organization embodying the true spirit of small business. This recognition led to the company being featured in an ad on New York's City's Times Square among other deserving small businesses.

Dell gave its small business customers an opportunity to compete for a spot on a giant Times Square billboard. Dell requested that aspiring companies submit one image that best represented their business and to finish the sentence "We believe ..."

LiquidLuma's photo and statement: "We believe great photography happens naturally" won Dell's ad spot alongside some 100+ small businesses nationwide. For two days (July 9th and 10th, 2007) winning ads were prominently featured on America's best known intersection. The event was simulcast on Dell's competition website:

"Our belief in photography as an organic process is evident in our photo galleries," said Terrence Conley of Liquidluma. "The photography is not forced; It's discovered. The most challenging part was selecting the right photo from our extensive portfolio. Ultimately the image of a young Cambodian girl best illustrated our philosophy and got Dell's vote," added Conley.

LiquidLuma ( has galleries featuring diverse photography of architecture and culture captured worldwide. LiquidLuma's black and white prints are available for purchase in several sizes and are accessible to individuals and businesses alike. To view more of LiquidLuma's photography, please visit its galleries at


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