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Wedding Cake Bakery Saves The Big Day for Seven Brides on 7/7/07

(PRWEB) July 8, 2007 -- 2007 has been a lucky year for The Suisse Shop (, a popular bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

"In May, The Knot Best of Weddings magazine voted us the best wedding cake bakery in Columbus (," said owner Darlene Jones. "Then leading up to 7/7/07, what some people are saying is the most popular wedding day ever, we filled our calendar by agreeing to provide cakes for seven weddings."

It seemed that seven was truly a lucky number for the bakery: seven weddings, seven brides, 7/7/07. But on July 5th, good luck suddenly became hard to come by. The bakery's oven stopped working.

"All of our cakes are scratch-baked and not frozen, so having a major oven outage near the end of the week before the biggest wedding day of the year is a heart stopper," Jones explained.

Jones said the issue was created by an area power surge and outage that affected circuits within the oven.

"When we exhausted all restart processes for the massive double rack convection oven we had to call for help," Jones said. However, with many companies over booked because of the Fourth of July holiday, Jones mainly ended up reaching voicemail or being told that no service technician would be available for days.

"Here we were, recently named the best wedding cake bakery in the city, days before the biggest wedding day of the year, and with no oven," Jones recalled.

According to Jones it took several calls to the bakery's service provider, pleading for emergency service, before a repair technician agreed to come out that day.

"By the end of the day we were back into production with enough time to save the 25 pounds of white empress cake batter that was panned and ready to bake when the power went out," Jones explained.

"Production resumed and the weekend was back on track. Our baking staff worked into the night to have all the wedding cakes baked in time for our decorating team to complete the seven wedding cakes for Saturday," Jones said.

"Weddings are especially important to us," Jones, who runs the bakery with her husband, said. "We are a true family-run, and family-oriented business. We weren't about to let seven brides down on their big day."

About the Suisse Shop

Since 1983, The Suisse Shop ( has been famous for its sumptuous European pastries and confections. Its tortes, cheesecakes, wedding cakes, cookies, tarts and special desserts delight the eye and please the palate. Its uncompromising standards for the highest quality ingredients, exacting measurements in product creation, and artistry in presentation of the delectable dessert guarantees absolute delight and breath taking reaction every time. In May of 2007, The Knot Best of Weddings magazine named The Suisse Shop the top wedding cake bakery in Columbus, based on a survey of newlyweds.


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