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What Numerology Reveals About 07/07/07, The Most Popular Wedding Date in Recorded History

Christchurch, NZ (PRWEB) June 25, 2007 -- 07 July, 2007 is shaping up to be one of the most sought-after wedding dates of all time, and is thought by many to be a particularly auspicious date for getting married ? although this may not turn out to be the case for everyone.

"07-07-07 will be a much luckier wedding day for some than it will be for others," explains Blair Gorman, Master Numerologist and owner of the website "How lucky this day will be depends on how aligned your numerology numbers are with the numbers of the day itself. For example, the Universal Day number for July 7, 2007 is actually a 5, which is really only fortunate if your Destiny, also known as your Life Path Number, also happens to be a 5."

"Depending on your numerology chart, 07-07-07 could mean anything from a day of romance to a day marred with disputes," points out Gorman. "By using numerology to discover what may be in store, couples can make the necessary preparations to minimize distractions and make the most of their special day."

Gorman has released a free tool on his numerology website, giving visitors a free analysis of their numerology chart, which reveals what the future holds for them on this most unique date.

To access this tool - or for further information - visit:

© Blair Gorman, 2007 __title__ For Accurate Numerology Readings (


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