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Product Release - Parade Portfolio Management Tools Simplifies Photography Website Design with their launch of

Edmonton, AB (PRWEB) June 26, 2007 -- Parade Portfolio Management Tools officially launches at, boasting a smart, simple and elegant solution to online portfolio management for photographers and creative professionals.

Understanding the importance, within the portfolio-driven creative industry, of making a high-impact statement, Parade provides its clients with stunning photography website design __title__ Stunning Photography Website Designs ( options to showcase their work online. All of the customizable, fully editable templates feature clean, uncluttered designs, artistic composition, crisp transition effects, sleek functionality and responsive galleries.

To offer more choice and selection for its customers, Parade has created two distinct collections of editable template designs - Parade Premium and Parade Pro. "We want to make sure our customers select a photography website design that not only communicates their unique sense of style but also matches their pocketbooks", says Micah Slavens, Co-Founder and Principal of Parade Portfolio Management Tools __title__ Parade Portfolio Management Tools ( Parade's newest template collection, Parade Pro, uses leading-edge technology and progressive design techniques to feature slick, highly innovative, highly usable navigation and controls, huge, quick-loading images and automatic re-sizing of images to the user's screen.

On the back-end, all of Parade's fully editable photography website templates __title__ Custom Website Templates ( are powered by an agile, full-featured, highly intuitive website management tool, which runs on a monthly subscription basis. Using a simple, web-based approach, Parade users have easy, instant and portable control of their online portfolios. Big buttons, DRAG & DROP interaction and clear in-line instructions throughout the application let users dive in and become experts at managing their website in minutes. Elevating the overall user experience and eliminating the need for cumbersome manuals or tutorials provide immediate and tangible value for the photographer.

"Parade was designed to make the photographer happy," explains Micah. "Too often, software becomes bogged down with complicated functions and unnecessary features that get in the way and make things more frustrating and time-consuming than they need to be.

From the first day of development, the goal was to design a tool with a clear purpose, focused functionality - geared specifically toward the needs of photographers and creative professionals ( I like this phrase, but seo would say use photographers instead)- and an obvious and very friendly interface, allowing users to get in, get out and move on?but have fun in the process. Parade accomplishes this by staying one step ahead of the game, anticipating the questions and answering them before they need to be asked. Every screen, every tool, and how the user might respond, is carefully thought through. The result is a smart application that makes sense and works great.

The real value comes in the ongoing subscription to Parade. After the one-time set-up fee for the photography website template, it's month-by-month pay-as-you-go. Parade's standard editing tools and features include unlimited galleries, unlimited images, unlimited content pages, a full-featured blog, music, a secure client area, website customization, hosting, domain registration and up to five e-mail accounts. "We don't believe in add-ons. What you see is what you get, and with Parade, every single feature we offer (including access to all new feature additions, updates and improvements) is included with every one of our template designs," explains Micah."

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Wedding Bouquets for Life
One of the most beautiful of the bride's adornments at a wedding is the bouquet. Normally constructed of fresh flowers, the wedding bouquet would last for a week or two, and then have to be dried or tossed.

Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment
The typical wedding reception entertainment scheme of pretty flowers and background music is fine for some people, but all kinds of options exist to spice it up a bit and provide a celebration that everyone is sure to remember for years to come.Before planning any of the following wedding reception entertainment ideas, please take this short bit of advice: discuss it first.

Personalizing Groomsmen Gifts and Wedding Gifts Now Available on Line
As more and more soon-to-be brides and grooms use the web to streamline their wedding preparation, a new on-line retailer makes personalizing wedding gifts a breeze on-line at

A Closer Look At Your Digital Photography
What does digital photography mean? Digital photography means different things depending on how the people interpret it. Some people perceive digital photography as something which converts a traditional photo into digital format by simply using a scanner. Others interpret it as something that is done by means of a traditional picture taken from film and digitize it through the computer. While others see it as something captured digitally by means of a digital camera.

Gourmet Cookies as Wedding Favors
As per the custom that originated among European aristocracy long ago, all guests that attend a wedding are offered wedding favors as a token of appreciation and thanks for having attended the ceremony. There are wide range of inexpensive favor gifts to choose from in the market. However, nothing beats specially made gourmet cookies that not only show the immense care that went into making them for each and every guest, but also are a delight to consume.

Digital Photography In The Fashion Industry
The growth of digital photography had made it feasible for everyone to capture the perfect moments of their lives better than ever. The big improvement in shutter speed and photo resolution, make it convenient and easy for both beginners and professional photographers to take good pictures. In addition, photo editing can now be done to produce more creative and artistic photos.

Wedding Photography And Video - Event Photography And Video
Your wedding is one of the most pleasant and memorable events of yourlife. It is once???in???a-lifetime event. This is the day you remember for years to come. You spend a significant amount of time planning for this day. After months of anxious waiting for this day, it finally arrives. From the time you wake up till you say bye to your last guest, you hardly get the time to think that it is actually happening. Then you find that the event is over and what you are left with is all your memories of the day.

A Hawaii Beach Wedding Makes For A Picture Perfect Celebration
A lot of couples dream of having a Hawaii beach wedding. And why not? The golden coasts, lush vegetation, and a populace known for its warmth and sense of jubilation all make for a vivid and stimulating destination wedding.

Think Tank Photo Releases First Camera Bags Designed to Disguise Photography Gear
For photographers operating in urban or dangerous environments, carrying thousands of dollars worth of photo equipment can be an invitation to have their gear stolen. To aid in lessening this threat, Think Tank Photo has released a new line of shoulder bags--The Urban Disguise--in six sizes designed to allow photographers to travel in style while still protecting their valuable equipment from prying eyes.

Black And White Photography In The Digital Age
The world is celebrating color in full spectrum, not just in the environment but also in the computer. In the 60's, people are happy to see their photographs in black and white copies and it extended for quite some time until technology can already reproduce and provide people with colored digital photography.

Michael Shaw Photography Expands Their Services
Well-established wedding photographers link with master Wedding Videographer. Professional wedding and portrait photographers Michael Shaw Photography and Nick Stubbs of Pan Photography are now linked with Master Wedding Videographer, Graham Mackay of the Mackay Multimedia Group.

Home Decorators Collection® Offers Exclusive Steven N. Meyers Fine Art X-Ray Photography
For a limited time, Home Decorators Collection® ( offers images only found through their Custom Framing Art Gallery.

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows
Your wedding vows are the words that will forever remain in your partner's heart and memory. So you want to ensure that you express exactly what you are feeling and how much you love them.

How To Become A Digital Photography Pro
Being a professional digital photographer is a dream many people have but most lack the ambition to follow through. Still, you want to take the best digital pictures you can without forking over the cost of a photography degree.

Groundbreaking New Book Reveals Hidden World of Fairies, Gnomes and Elves Using Advanced Photography
Spirits in the Garden: The Amazing Realm of Secret Life Around Us Features Authentic, Unretouched Photos of Nature Spirits. (Just as Dr. Masaru Emoto's groundbreaking photos of water crystals featured in his popular "Messages from Water" books have changed consciousness, the photographs in "Spirits in the Garden" are awakening many to a whole new level of awareness about the true nature of life)

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