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Seeking Wedding Misadventure Stories for Upcoming Book "Wedding's Greatest Misadventures"

Attention Newlyweds (and the happily married, remarried, or divorced) did you have an incident at your wedding? Maybe your ex crashed the event, maybe a relative objected during the ceremony, maybe you got cold feet and left the ceremony before it started, maybe you found about about your partner's affair just minutes before walking down the aisle. Whatever your story is, you now have a chance to publish it and maybe make a dime off it. The DJ hooked up with your mom? Your uncle got wasted and started a fight? The caterer's food made everyone sick? The lovely bride turned into bridezilla? Bring it on! Casagrande Press wants your story.

Casagrande Press is seeking wedding day misadventure stories for publication in its forthcoming anthology, Wedding's Greatest Misadventures. The press is looking for nonfiction, first-person stories about wedding meltdowns, bad judgment calls, ex-boy/girlfriend crashing the event, cheating during the ceremony, fights, pranks, comical/ironic episodes, animal attacks, bizarre injuries, regretful toasts, temper flare-ups, insane in-laws, natural disaster, misfortune, loss of wit or day of episodes that surround the wedding event. The editors are looking for stories that tell a good tale, develop the depth of the characters involved, and that have a tight narrative tension. There is no fee to submit a story. Writers paid upon publication. Submit online at Deadline: June 15, 2008.

About the book:

Wedding's Greatest Misadventures to be published in late 2008 will present thirty true stories which cover the spectrum from comical to horrifying to downright bizarre. In these pages newlyweds suffer like you have never imagined. Entertain yourself vicariously through the first hand stories of other couple's wedding day disasters, meltdowns, incidents, pranks and out-of-control in-laws and exs. These stories bring to life the joy, horror and total random weirdness that can befall a perfectly planned wedding.


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Starting Your Own Home Photography Business? Read This!
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