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Wedding Chaos Poll: Brides Want Victoria Beckham to Plan Their Wedding

England, UK (PRWEB) June 13, 2007 -- The consensus is that Tony Blair is an unpopular Prime Minister but now he has also been voted the most unwanted wedding planner, with less than 1% of the 1,250 voters in the latest Wedding Chaos poll trusting him to organise their wedding.

To be fair though, the alternatives do have more experience of organising glamorous events, with Victoria Beckham, who recently showed off her talent by helping pal Katie Holmes with her wedding to Hollywood movie star, Tom Cruise, topping the poll with 36.9% of the votes.

Here is what bride-to-be, Wendy from Kent, had to say, "I voted for Posh just because you'd definitely get what you wanted!"

However Victoria Beckham didn't quite have it all her own way as the ever popular Davina McCall came in a close second with nearly 30% (29.9%) of couples voting for Davina to plan their wedding - no doubt in Big Brother style!

Bride-to-be Leeanne, from Neath, South Wales says she'd choose Davina because "she has down to earth taste but elegant with it and not over the top, she also isn't afraid to bring some fun into it".

One of Scotland's finest exports, Lorraine Kelly, famous for her down to earth interview style on GMTV claimed third place with 14.1% of the votes. Gem, from Swansea, says she voted for Lorraine because "she seems traditional and friendly, she'd get on with anyone. And I like her accent!"

The Queen is famous for winning the hearts of the nation, but it also appears she's won the hearts of some of our bride and groom's. As our dear Queen walked away with 6.6% of the votes. So, when she finally gives up the throne to Prince Charles, it would seem she won't have to rely on her pension just yet rather she could find work as a wedding planner.

Rather disappointingly Graham Norton had only 6% of couples believing he would be up to the task of a wedding planner. Perhaps his whole stage performance, largely based around sexual innuendo, might be a little to risqué for most of our couples wedding day. That said, Graham did have at least one supporter with Erica, from Worcestershire, telling us, "I think he is great and I think any wedding organised by him would be fun, flamboyant and one to remember".

Bob Geldof I'm afraid only managed a paltry 3.6% of the votes. It seems that being a 'Sir', and organising both Live Aid I and II, doesn't seem to be enough credentials to cut it as a wedding planner.

Towards the bottom of the poll we find Jade Goody, perhaps her performance in the Big Brother house recently did not inspire confidence in our brides and grooms, she managed a measly 2% sympathy vote.

Although our poll is just a bit of fun it does show a trend; people want experience, fun, glamour and personality when it comes to taking on board a wedding planner. Organising the affairs of the United Kingdom, or the biggest charity concert ever, whilst may help for a budget and schedule controlled wedding, they just don't cut the mustard when you can have Posh or Davina putting a sparkle into your big day.

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