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New Hi-Tech Wedding Planning Book Just Released By Founders Of Wedding Website Service

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) May 17, 2007 -- ( is a personal wedding website service that allows engaged couples to create an interactive website for their wedding in minutes, with no technical experience required. Personal websites are just one of a number of tools, resources, and tips covered in the newly released book "e-Plan Your Wedding: How to Save Time and Money with Today's Best Online Resources."

In reviewing the book, the Library Journal says: "Technology has even changed traditional rituals, so this solid guide introducing couples to wedding websites and online planning tools comes as no surprise ... the authors take care to reassure technophobes." founders Crystal and Jason Melendez spent nearly a year organizing and hand-selecting resources to compile into the comprehensive 480-page book.

"It's a complete guide," Crystal Melendez says, "covering everything from engagement to honeymoon. Wedding books are typically either worksheet-oriented or etiquette-oriented. Few provide online resources in any great detail. We wanted this book to include everything, from worksheets and checklists to etiquette, and we wanted to make sure that our readers take advantage of every time- and money-saver available today."

"Many current wedding books include some wedding site information," says the Library Journal, "but this guide goes further."

According to Melendez, 2.5 million couples tie the knot each year, and spend an average of $26,000 per wedding. These 21st century newlyweds are older (the average age of brides today is 27), many have careers, and they usually bear most or all of the financial burden themselves. That means engaged couples are under more time and financial pressure than ever.

Using the communications and organizational power of the web, "e-Plan Your Wedding" shows how it is now possible to take shortcuts that save time and money. Tools like personal wedding websites -- where guests can find maps, directions, hotel info and even RSVP right online -- are thoroughly covered.

Even the grooms are getting involved. "Technology gives the guys something to do that they can enjoy," Jason Melendez says. "Brides today want their guys to give them a hand, and grooms want a say in where their money is going, though they may not be into flowers and lace. There are ways the guys can make a big contribution to the planning without having to become one of the girls. We're seeing a big trend in the grooms becoming more active."

Find "e-Plan Your Wedding" wherever books are sold, or visit To learn more about personal wedding websites, visit

About was founded in 2004 by Crystal and Jason Melendez, online wedding planning experts, married couple, and authors of "e-Plan Your Wedding: How to Save Time and Money with Today's Best Online Resources." Since its founding, has become a leading planning resource and top personal wedding website provider. The company is based in California's Silicon Valley and has an international client base that stretches across the globe. Its goal is to enable anyone to create their own unique and personal website, and to use the latest technology to streamline the many planning details with ease and confidence.

(An Press Release)

Contact Info:
Name: Crystal Melendez
Address: 123 E. San Carlos St. #113
City: San Jose
State: CA
Country: USA
Zip: 95112

Web Address:
Business Blog:
Phone: 408-404-5225


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