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Melbourne, FL (PRWEB) June 2, 2007 -- This Wedding Season brides and grooms can make a commitment to both their own futures and to the future of the environment by making their weddings greenhouse gas neutral and environmentally friendly with ( is a simple service that allows American brides and groom, as well as drivers and flyers, to fight Global Warming easily and inexpensively right from their computers by offsetting the greenhouse gasses naturally emitted from their events, vehicles and flights.

For instance, the average 2-day wedding for 250 people - including ground travel and hotel room power - would emit approximately 72,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. With the entire amount can be offset for $260.00.

When someone offsets their wedding they get:
- Customized table tents that read "This Wedding is Greenhouse Gas Neutral and Environmentally Friendly Thanks to (bride and groom) and" to inform everyone that the wedding will not leave a Carbon Footprint.
- Certificate of Verification that authenticates the transaction
- 2 T-shirt that reads either "" or "I Emit No Gas" - great for groomsmen!
- License plate holder
- Car decal that reads "We Party Green with!"

With an easy-to-use calculator, determines the carbon emissions resulting from travel and lodging for all sizes of wedding. Couples then pay that dollar amount to which then provides it to selected farmers across the US to help fund equipment, called Digesters, which serve two purposes:
1. Converting animal waste into renewable energy that is then used to power the farm without having to burn any fossil fuel
2. Capturing the methane (the greenhouse gases naturally emitted from the waste and preventing it from entering the atmosphere in the first place. (Methane traps 21 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon emitted from cars!)

The couple's commitment to the environment is not over when the wedding is, as they can offset the emissions from their honeymoon flights as well as their cars for an entire year.
- One round-trip, cross-country flight emits approximately 4,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. With the entire amount can be offset for $16.00
- The Average American with a 2006 car drives approximately 12,000 miles per year, emitting 11,000 points of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. With the entire amount can be offset for $40.00.

Though energy from wind power, solar power and planting trees is what comes to mind for most Americans when they think of creating renewable energy and environmental action, offsetting emissions with waste conversion is much more effective in fighting global warming. In fact, it would take planting and growing 128 trees for 10 years to equal the greenhouse gas emissions of just one car for a year. In addition, waste conversion projects are permanent and sustainable, while trees are vulnerable to the changing environment.'s Fast Facts:
- Every gallon of gasoline a car burns emits roughly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
- Transportation activities account for approximately 27% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to burning 205 billion gallons of gasoline.
- Passenger cars account for 35% of the greenhouse gases emitted from transportation; light trucks account for an additional 27%
-Every Person can make a difference

Loren Pomerantz
Clifford Public Relations
646-329-9350 / 917-612-9166


This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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