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Hallmark Institute of Photography Hosts Daylong Seminar Featuring Iconic Photographers Harry Benson and Gregory Heisler

Turners Falls, MA (PRWEB) May 25, 2007 -- On Monday, May 14, 2007, Hallmark hosted a memorable end to its Guest Lecture Series as Harry Benson and Greg Heisler, two of the imaging industry's leading photographers, delivered outstanding seminars to the student body. This Guest Lecture Series certainly ended with a bang!

In the morning, Harry shared his photography including his early work from 1964, which featured the Beatles during their first momentous visit to the US, the beginning of their rise to become one of the best known musical groups of our time. Harry's stunning imagery and anecdotes of the Robert Kennedy assassination, the fall of Czechoslovakia, Romania and the Berlin Wall and Caroline Kennedy's wedding (to Edwin Schlossberg) provided a lasting feeling of awe and inspiration. The Class of 2007 and Mr. Benson ended the morning with a book signing. Students purchased signed copies of Harry's books, The Beatles and Harry Benson's America. Harry's talk was sponsored by Canon USA. Steve Inglima, from Canon, was on hand to answer questions.

In the afternoon, the students were treated to more breathtaking imagery, uncanny wit and the unforgettable storytelling of NYC photographer Greg Heisler. Greg shared his incomparable imagery found on the covers of over seventy Time magazines, as well as numerous images from other national publications and advertising campaigns. Greg shared important and informative techniques used to create his images, images that we have all seen and admired. Not only is Greg one of the most accomplished and talented image-makers of our time, his down to earth and honest conversation with the students gave them all a feeling that they had chosen the right career path. Greg's lecture was sponsored by MAC Group, compliments of Jan Lederman, President of the MAC Group.

As the day ended, it was obvious that each student became more anxious than ever for graduation on June 22, 2007, when they will join Greg, Harry and their counterparts in our exciting imaging field. Vern McClish, Director of Marketing and Career Services at Hallmark, was responsible for bringing over 30 prominent guest speakers to Hallmark this year. Of his visit with Harry Benson and Greg Heisler, he said, "Sunday night's dinner was unforgettable! I sat listening, with great admiration, as two of our industry's giants shared tales and laughs about their experiences capturing the events and imagery that have shaped our lives.

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