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Brides Stretch Wedding Budgets with Do-It-Yourself Seasonal Flowers

Tulsa, Okla. (PRWEB) April 24, 2007 -- Brides are saving money by creating their own floral arrangements with seasonal flowers from DIY-friendly floral suppliers.

The wedding industry is seeing a trend of brides tackling at least some of their wedding projects themselves. [DIY wedding flowers allow brides to infuse the big day with their unique personal touch and cut floral costs in half.

Brides who use seasonal flowers in their DIY designs will save even more money, according to Jo Lind, a floral designer and instructor from Wedding Flowers-DIY.

"Thanks to international growers, most flowers are becoming available year round," said Lind. "It's always spring somewhere, but you pay more for shipping if the flowers are coming from halfway across the world. Choosing wedding flowers that are in season will keep floral costs from eating up your wedding budget."

Ideas for seasonal [wedding flowers include:

•    Spring - Lilacs, sweet peas and peonies
•    Summer - Daisies, zinnias and sunflowers
•    Fall - Dahlias, mums and aster
•    Winter - Poinsettias, tulips and holly

Brides who are interested in seasonal flower choices for DIY wedding flowers should look for growers or suppliers that offer a wide variety of blossoms each season and will ship to the planned wedding location. Some wholesalers only work with professional florists, but others have experience helping DIY brides.

"I've developed a good relationship with American Floral Distributors," said Lind. "They do 80 percent of their business with DIY brides. They work closely with each customer and have a huge selection of flowers. They frequently ship directly from the grower, so the flowers are always fresh, and shipping is usually free in the U.S."

For more information about DIY wedding flowers and to see seasonal flower options for your upcoming wedding, visit

About Wedding Flowers-DIY

Jo Lind was once faced with five family weddings in eight months and with budgets that most professional florists would have laughed at. She learned a lot about do-it-yourself wedding flowers that year and decided to build on that knowledge with an education in floral design. Today, Lind is a certified master florist who has created breathtaking floral arrangements for weddings large and small. Lind shares her experience and training with brides-to-be through Wedding Flowers-DIY. With her easy tutorials and expert guidance, brides can see the wedding they have always envisioned bloom with flowers arranged by their own hands.

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