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It's More Than Black and White When it Comes to Marketing Wedding Photography

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) May 27, 2007 -- Joe DeFabis, C.E.O. of DeFabis Photography, provided a candid presentation at the Indianapolis Professional Photographer's Guild (IPPG) on Tuesday May 1st at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. His focus was to talk about how to effectively market wedding photography.

Joe's unique program asked attendees to "check their egos at the door" and then proceeded to review his "Top 10 Marketing Tips to increase Wedding bookings".

With the Internet becoming the primary research tool for new brides, most wedding photographers are ignoring the impact it is having on their wedding business. The younger wedding photographers entering the business are aggressively using the Internet to properly marketing themselves to young brides. While the older experienced wedding photographers are saying, "I am a great photographer. What happened to my business?"

Joe saw the change that was occurring and decided to do something about it.

Step one for Joe was to change his Internet strategy to attract Indianapolis brides. Instead of worrying solely on how he could massage his ego, Joe focused his site on attracting wedding brides and answering their questions. Step two was to unify his marketing approach to ensure that all his activities supported the other. Joe walked his audience through the 10 things he did to change his fortunes. The application of these same tips has resulted in a 50% increase in his wedding bookings over the last year.

The presentation also highlighted a hands on demonstration of album design in Adobe Photoshop using Pixel Creator Pro, an interactive question and answer session, and a special strategic web consultation by Paul Lorinczi from Indy Associates highlighting the importance of proper web design and search engine capability.

This modern day program was inspired by his ability to realize that in a day and age that everyone with a digital camera thinks they are a professional photographer; serious changes are needed to survive in the actual business world. The ability to take a hard look at oneself, time often costly process changes correctly, reevaluate efficiencies in studio support, and continue to readily take advantage of personal technique learning opportunities is the difference in surviving for the current day professional photographer.

While there is a lot of competition out there for wedding photographers, there is a way for the small wedding photography firms to compete. They first have to understand that Word of Mouth no longer works on its own, the Internet plays a bigger role in helping young brides decide.

Joe DeFabis began his professional photography career in 1984 at the age of 30, in its current location at 3901 Kessler Blvd. North Drive. He specializes in wedding photography and senior portraits. Joe has also recently developed a profitable addition to his studio in Fine Art Racing Prints.

If you would like Joe to speak at your next seminar or would like to be notified of his future speaking engagements please contact the studio at 317-291-8111 or visit his website at


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