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Los Angeles' Glamour Photography Leader Pink Kitty Studios Goes National

Philadelphia, PA and Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) June 6, 2007 -- Almost five years ago, two women opened Pink Kitty Studios in a hot pink house in Los Angeles. The idea was "photography by women for women" - where private working women and housewives could come in for glamour, pinup and sexy photography without having to strip down in front of a male photographer. Lori Mann, the photographer, had been in the glamour portrait business for almost 12 years at the time, and her business partner, Adrienne Cragnotti, had been a stylist in the same industry for almost as long.

Fast forward five years and the idea has obviously worked. Not only did consumers love the idea of a specialty "boutique" photo studio (Pink Kitty only shoots glamour and maternity portraiture - no weddings, family portraits or any other kind of photography) and the fact that all people involved in the process are women, but Lori and Adrienne have pioneered many fun ideas in the industry that have received wide media attention. Pink Kitty's work with military wives to create vintage pinup calendars for their men overseas, for example, led to coverage of the studio by the "Today" show, "Inside Edition," "Hannity and Colmes," as well as almost all local Los Angeles media.

Not surprisingly, the studio regularly gets requests for photo shoots from all over the country. And now, that call is being answered. Along with the Los Angeles location, Pink Kitty Studios now has a branch in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and in West Chester, Pennsylvania. "Because of the military family presence in Colorado Springs," says Adrienne, who runs the Colorado studio, "we knew that there would be a lot of interest in our pinup photography services there." The most recent addition to the Pink Kitty family, the Philadelphia location, was chosen because "we have been getting e-mails almost daily from people on the East Coast hoping we had a location there, and Philly is fairly centrally located," said Lori, who operates the Philadelphia location.

Lori and Adrienne are currently looking into starting a location in Las Vegas, Nevada, and are discussing with attorneys the possibility of opening or licensing in other cities nationwide. And Lori adds, "In whatever way we decide to branch out even further, we will definitely keep the 'women-by-women' way of working. It's what makes Pink Kitty so unique in the industry."

You can get information on all of the Pink Kitty Studios locations at their website,, or by calling them at 323-982-0323.


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