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Higher Image Photography Elevates Portland's Real Estate Market

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) May 16, 2007 -- Higher Image Photography introduces a fifty foot tripod to Portland's skyline that is specifically designed for real estate photography, helping to boost buyer interest and agent's sales, not to mention the "wow" factor when you see it in a neighborhood near you.

Rob Ames, owner of Higher Image Photography opened for business on May 1st and before they could unpack the system business was knocking on their doors. "Before our doors even opened we had real estate agents calling us wanting photographs of properties" says Ames. "Real estate agents really love the views we can give them. A big beautiful house becomes bigger and more beautiful. Once they see the images we produce it really changes their thinking on how real estate photography should look."

Indeed a fifty foot tripod does catch the eye. By placing a high resolution digital camera up on top of the tripod and controlling it from below with a laptop computer, the system produces images that most agents or photographers could never achieve before.

"The photographs that the system takes of homes and other properties are simply amazing" says Miles Torres, President of HighPicture Systems, the supplier of the new system for Higher Image Photography. "The system immediately boosts the perceived value of property and shows off it's full potential and capabilities." HighPicture Systems is located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and provided Higher Image Photography with the entire turn-key system designed for those wishing to own a small business.

"With just a little looking it was easy to see the possibilities of what we had found in HighPicture Systems" says Ames. ". I am constantly coming up with new applications for this system; the market for elevated photography is unlimited. Almost anywhere conventional photography is used this system has the ability to bring a whole new perspective."

So far Higher Image Photography has provided elevated photographs for local real estate, as well as golf courses. "Over the next year our focus will be on real estate" says Ames. He continues by saying, "Beyond that we plan on diversifying into construction, insurance, survey work, wildlife reclamation, and various forms of advertising."

About Higher Image Photography:
Based in Vancouver Washington, Higher Image Photography provides elevated photography for real estate using a specialized tripod system provided by HighPicture Systems.

Rob Ames
Higher Image Photography

About HighPicture Systems:
Located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, HighPicture Systems provides elevated photography systems to individuals and companies in a turn-key business package. Territories are available throughout the United States. New owner inquires are welcome.

Miles Torres - President
HighPicture Systems


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