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Award Winning Photographer to Explode your Creativity with Unique Workshop on Creativity, Photography, Models, and Outside the Box Thinking in Unique

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 23, 2007 -- Ori Bengal, Award-winning photographer and digital artist announces the return of his unique 'Don't Think Outside The Box… Smash the #$*# Out Of It!" creative photography workshop.

Advances in digital technologies have made photography available to the masses, and caused an ever-growing surge of images. With attention spans being non-existent these days, your images need to be unique in order to get attention. Ori Bengal - well known for his unique, and often bizarre images - is holding his workshop on May 12th, where he will show you how to make these eye and imagination catching images. This workshop will help amateurs and professionals alike.

Bengal, whose portfolio proudly exhibits images of fire-breathing dogs, models riding futuristic crafts over cities, gargoyles, explosive action-sequences, and much more, will be sharing his methods for interesting images. "I show them how to work with the models, how to use Photoshop, how to make an amazing image in very little time, and with very little money." Explains Ori when asked about the goals for the workshop, "Most importantly though, I show them how to come up with more creative ideas." Havana nightclub was chosen as the location due to its spacious and beautiful interior, convenient location, versatility for seating situations, and an amazing after-party (free for workshop participants).

Participants in Ori's prior workshops tell compelling stories about its efficacy. For example, Paul Robison, a veteran photographer who had been shooting images for longer than Ori has been alive, attended Ori's workshop in California with some skepticism. He was surprised by the results. "Ori is a great story teller with a wonderful sense of humor, but, more importantly, he has an easy way of explaining difficult concepts and where his ideas come from. Seeing that, you can't help but begin to develop, or expand, your own creativity. The fact that he also gives you the technical tools to implement your new creativity is almost a bonus. " Mike Morrison, another participant in Ori's California workshop, said "I have learned more about photography in a single day with Ori than I have in the last seven years of shooting."

Ori is full of energy, jokes, and useful information. He makes the workshops fun and interesting, while still covering valuable information that can boost someone's career to the next level. For the final image from his last workshop, the lighting used was a can of hairspray and a lighter. The finished image was of a model fighting a giant frog, with said flamethrower.

Key takeaways from the workshop will be:
•    How to create images that stand out from the rest.
•    How to think outside the box.
•    How to work with models- create action poses and facial expressions that jump off the page.
•    How to work with props… even props you didn't know were props.
•    How to create amazing images on a VERY limited budget.
•    How to work with available or alternative lighting sources.
•    How and why to work with RAW files.
•    What equipment to use.
•    How to manipulate new and existing images into masterpieces.

About Ori Bengal:
Ori Bengal has been using Photoshop for over 11 years, and has his background in 3D animation and special effects. He has taught high-end applications such as Softimage 3D and Discreet Smoke to clients domestically and abroad. These days he is traveling the country to "Couch-Surf" and take even more diverse photos, and to hold his creativity workshops. Over the last decade, Ori has worked in the video industry doing 3D animation and motion graphics for commercials and music videos. He helped build up's print shop, which he ran for 2 years. After winning the grand prize in the Humane Association's Pets & Pals Photo Contest, Ori left his job to become a full-time photographer. He has shot fashion, nature, sports, editorial, ads, model portfolios, celebrity portraits, and artistic images.


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