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10 Fun Theme Ideas For An Unforgettable Wedding Reception

Reception themes are often more relaxed than wedding themes because they are meant to be provided in a party atmosphere.

They allow people to get creative with their celebration and express themselves. People often choose to base their themes on hobbies, personal interests, and dreams.

Themes also help to cut the costs because a casual theme doesn?t require a great deal of extras. Choosing themes like beach party, Mexican fiesta, or toga party is simple and the food is cheap and easy.

Here's 10 more theme ideas that will make your reception a surefire hit without breaking the bank... Star Trek: This fun theme can be extremely affordable. You can decorate the room or hall with stars. You can use black garbage bags like wallpaper and string white lights around to simulate the stars. You can have guests dress up like aliens or star trek characters. Great for Sci-Fi fans!

NASCAR: Decorate with checkered flags and checkered flag streamers, toy cars, painted numbers of the different cars and drivers, or stick with a particular driver. The best part about this theme is that it's very casual so you can serve regular foods like pizza, subs, hamburgers, chips and nachos. You can even opt to watch a race!

Movies: Popular movie themes like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings etc. can be a lot of fun for receptions when the bride and groom are movie buffs. Decorations will be based on what the general movie symbolizes such as; if you chose Star Wars, you would use space type backgrounds, strange names for the foods, and maybe even costumes such as a Jedi Knight or Darth Vader. Appetizers would be appropriate for this type of theme as well. Playing the movie during your reception is a cool idea for background scenery.

Ancient Rome: The choices with the Roman theme vary. Togas are always a part of the festivities. Serving fresh fruits like grapes, apples etc. are always good, as are fresh rotisserie meats or cold cuts. Beer and wine is welcome for this theme and you can decorate with wreathes, garland, candles and anything else in the Roman fashion.

Ethnic Traditions: This theme require that you choose specialty foods and decorations from the ethnicity of your choice. For example, should you choose a Scottish theme, you would listen to bag pipes, dress in the Scottish fashion and do all things Scottish.

Mexican Fiesta: This fun theme can have you hitting a pi?ata, serving popular Mexican dishes, mixing a bit of Santa Fe decorative blankets for the walls and many other things. You can play mariachi music or Spanish guitars for this theme.

Arabian Nights: Filling your reception hall with beautiful linens; letting your bridal party have costumes should they wish to. You can also serve Arabic foods or appetizers and pita breads etc. this theme is very versatile and fun.

Hawaiian: You can give out fresh leis or artificial ones as wedding favors. You can serve fresh tropical island fruits such as pineapples and serve those cute tropical drinks with decorative umbrellas etc. Wherever your mind takes you.

Disney: Go with any of your favorites, from Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast to Snow White. Tons of possibilities here.

The Wild West: This theme can be as fun as you want. You can set up your reception area to look like an old saloon. You can have dancers give a burlesque show etc. You can do all kinds of fun things with this theme.

When it comes to themes, the possibilities are endless. Coming up with them can be much of the fun. After you have chosen your theme, you can brainstorm ideas to expand upon it for the decorations and foods.

Jay White is an author and copywriter whose wife planned the perfect wedding on a shoestring budget. For more tips on how you too can easily save lots of money on your wedding, go to

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