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How To Afford A Dream Wedding

A wedding is cherished, but it can also be a very expensive affair. Some couples may believe that their dream ceremony is out of reach and budget, but that doesn?t necessarily have to be the case. If you follow a few simple guidelines, you may just find that a dream wedding doesn?t have to be a fantasy. In fact, you can make it a reality with the proper amount of time and planning.

Plan ahead. Most couples begin planning their wedding one year, or more, in advance. The general rule is that the more time you have, the better off you will be. The reason is because you will have more time to get your plans in order, the finances together and be able to plan the perfect honeymoon without feeling rushed.

Layaway your dress. The bride?s wedding gown is often one of the most expensive factors of a wedding, which means that some women are forced to go from wearing the gown of the dreams to one that they can learn to love. Some gowns are simply unaffordable, but others may be well within your budget if you are willing to get a little creative. You can place a bridal gown on layaway with many boutiques across America and it doesn?t matter whether they are local or not. You can order a gown from any state and have it shipped directly to your door by most bridal boutiques and, since most offer a layaway option, you can make affordable monthly payments toward the dress of your dreams. Pick a designer, choose a dress and find a boutique that carries the style with a layaway option.

Layaway your honeymoon. This sounds like a joke, right? Wrong. WalMart's website allows customers to reserve their stateroom on a cruise, choose an itinerary and even purchase travel insurance. The best thing about this option, however, is that you don?t have to pay for everything all at once thanks to a rare layaway option that allows you to make monthly payments toward your trip. A down payment is required to hold your reservation and stateroom selection which, followed by monthly payments, will make your honeymoon in the Bahamas, Hawaii or Disney?s own private island an affordable option.

Customize and order invitations online. Due to the number of competitors, the internet is the ideal place for discount pricing. You may live in a small town with only one or two printers, but what if you lived in a town with hundreds of printers? Do you think the pricing would be different if there were more competitors to compete for your business? Sure it would and the same rules apply to the internet, which offers you the option of customizing, previewing and ordering your wedding invitations at prices that should save you a bundle.

Create your own reception favors (i.e., bags or rice, kissing bells, bubble makers, etc.) with products from your local retailer?s craft section or purchase them from wholesalers, such as Oriental Trading Company. You can create your own bags of rice, tiny bottles of bubbles or even small bells that guests can ring whenever they would like to see the bride and groom share a kiss.

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Getting Professional Quality Sound On Your Wedding Video.
When you first look at what you?ve filmed on your new camcorder you?ll be really pleased with the results, but that initial novelty makes you immune to all the usual faults such as wobbly shots, too much panning and zooming etc. All these visual faults can easily be corrected using better techniques and a tripod or monopod.

The Financial Power of Gay Weddings – Q & A
Q. Why should people consider gay unions financially profitable?A.

Wedding Photography - Tips for a Wonderful Session
Every couple wants wonderful photos of their wedding day that capture the celebration, details, romance and beauty. Here are a few tips for a successful photo session:1.

Planning the Music for Your Wedding Ceremony
It's safe to say that out of all the events for which you will gather your friends and family to celebrate your marriage, the wedding ceremony itself will be the most meaningful and, hopefully, memorable. In the United States, music plays many vital roles in the wedding ceremony, from providing flow and ambiance to highlighting the deeper emotional meaning.

Modern Weddings Are Based Upon Customization
Modern wedding planning trends are based upon ?customization.? You will want to first decide upon a theme for your wedding. Consider the following 5 reception themes as a start:

Expert Tips on Making Your Own Wedding Stationery
Vital tips on making your own wedding invitations - by Claire, Invitation Express Wedding Stationery SoftwareIf you want to design and print your own wedding stationery and don't know where to start, here are a few tips that hopefully will get you on your way.You should select your design before firming up your ideas on paper and cards etc.

String Quartet vs. Jazz for Your Las Vegas Wedding Music
Las Vegas weddings have been known for their tackiness as long as Las Vegas drive thru weddings have existed, but Las Vegas weddings are quickly becoming more elegant with brides spending more on their Las Vegas nuptials. With this includes their choice of Las Vegas wedding music and Las Vegas wedding musicians.

Free Wedding Planning Websites for Brides and Wedding Planners Now Available from
Free wedding planning sites make it easy to share files, calendars, documents, photos and ideas between couples, guests, relatives, caterers, and wedding planners.

Capture Your Perfect Moment with a Wedding Website
Not so many years ago, the proposition of a wedding website would be a thing of humor. For decades, wedding invitations created from custom stationary and mailed via snail mail has been the standard way of inviting guests to your ceremony and reception.

Choosing Entertainment for Your Wedding
Of all brides and grooms surveyed, most say entertainment make up the majority of the receptions' success. Many have been quoted as saying "The Entertainer makes or breaks the event!" The best advice for a Bride and Groom in choosing their entertainment is to first "value shop" your entertainment, not "price shop". What role does your entertainment play in your day? Is your entertainment critical to providing the atmosphere at your ceremony as well as your reception? Do you need an entertainer to just push the play button or must they also fill the roles of host, emcee, coordinator, entertainer, as well as DJ/Musician? Do they hold a role that is more, or less important than of your hors d'oeuvres? Does the personality of the entertainer me...

Nude Digital Photography
Nudity is an art form even in the time of the Greeks. This can be seen in the various statues that were made which depicted the Gods to the paintings done by sculptors and painters until today. Not everyone is talented in doing this so people who want to excel in this art form will use the camera and bring this out.

Tips To Make Your Digital Wedding Photography Even Better
Brides and grooms alike are now enlisting the expertise of professionals to get the best digital wedding photography for that special occasion. And why not? They would surely want to have the best photo taken so that the memories will be preserved as long as they live.

'Moments in Time: New Orleans at the Crossroads,' a Traveling Photography Exhibition, Will Open in New Orleans then Head to Spain
At a time when the future of New Orleans is unfolding, in both its vital cultural aspects and even in the physical characteristics that makes this city unique, this exhibition attempts to present a broad portrait of what it means to be New Orleans. Seen through the eyes of 15 local photographers, this collection showcases the city's beauty and its blemishes with an eclectic range of artistic expression.

A Heavenly Wedding - Courtesy Wedding Loans
You always dreamt of walking down the aisle in style. Marriage for you meant including all pomp and show.

Create Unique Wedding Invitations That Only Look Expensive
Save a substantial amount of money on invitations, without sacrificing quality, by making them yourself using your computer. It's easy and fun to create distinctive invitations, at a price you can afford, by layering fine printable paper over a heavyweight card and fastening them together with a unique embellishment.

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