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Top Five Tips for a Cheaper Wedding

Weddings are expensive, probably one of the most expensive days of your life. As an insider in the industry, I am going to offer you five easy, logical and practical tips for you to reduce the cost of your wedding. These are just ideas for guidance that should result in you saving thousands from your weddings costs.

The first tip is really simple, just don't get married on a Saturday. It is simple really, the majority of weddings take place on a Saturday and anyone providing you a wedding related service will always charge you full price because this is the only day of the week that they are guaranteed work. If you get married on an alternative date, you should be able to negotiate at least a 10% reduction in the cost of any of your services.

The second tip is also easy! Always buy your goods and services from local providers. You will tend to get a better quality of product or service anyway but will avoid the higher delivery charges imposed by national suppliers. Think of it logically, if you are buying a generic product, buy it locally and make the supplier remove the delivery costs. This tip is very relevant for products such as wedding invitations and stationary, wedding clothing and event services such as evening entertainment, chocolate fondues and ice sculptures.

The third tip is money management. Make a list of products and services that you will buy and a budget then put a value against each service so that you don't spend over your budget. Now, in the wedding industry, there tends to be a massive divergence in prices for products and services that are not vastly different in terms of quality. Take wedding stationary for example, if you search really hard, you will always be able to find a cheaper supplier for wedding stationary and it is really easy to make yourself. Stick to your budget and if you better you budget against one area, don?t automatically spend your saving in an additional area as you will always find that last minute item that you completely forgot about.

The fourth tip is to buy second hand products. Ok, many people will turn their noses up at this one but think about it! A wedding dress is usually only ever worn once, even if it is for sale second hand, it has still usually only be worn once. If you have an issue with this or are ashamed, there is an easy way out, just don?t tell anyone, they will never know and you can save yourself a small fortune. There are even websites to help you with this from ebay to specialist wedding gown exchanges but if you are on a budget, it is a really simple way to save money.

This is the last tip of this article and the best! Wedding rings are really expensive, you often pay over the top just because it is a wedding ring and your suppliers know this! There is an alternative which is typically cheaper and gets you a wedding ring of a much higher quality and that is buying second hand. Before you turn away, this does not mean going to your local second hand shop or pawn broker, it means visiting an antiques dealer because they will often have the most beautiful antique wedding rings at substantially lower prices than your local retailer for a brand new ring! Not only will you save money, you often buy a product that is much better quality, better made and has a history with it!

The 'Top Five Tips for a Cheaper Wedding' was written by Edwin Hall who owns several wedding related business including Chocolate Fountains of Devon who provide chocolate fondue fountains in the South West of England including Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. He also owns and manages Catering 4 Weddings, the online directory for wedding caterers, wedding cakes, marquees and chocolate fountains and the Chocolate fountain directory which lists chocolate fondue fountain providers worldwide.

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