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Bachelor II Groom: Not Your Typical Wedding Magazine

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) March 28, 2007-- Bachelor II Groom or BIIG ( is the guide for all men doing just that -- going from bachelor to groom. Whether they are getting ready to take the plunge or are just attending their friends' nuptials, BIIG is the resource for grooms and men who attend weddings. BIIG is an entertaining, informative, and often humorous provider of wedding information for men, which will launch in print this summer.

Bachelor II Groom provides information to help men prepare for the big day, whether it is the proposal, bachelor party, tuxedo, gifts or honeymoon plans; it's all bundled in stylish pages loaded with tips to ensure the momentous event is a huge success. The website and soon to be print magazine features articles with advice from celebrity event planners Colin Cowie and Preston Bailey and includes other great articles such as: Luxe Groom Gifts, Wedding Day Washboard, Luxury Honeymoons, and bachelor party advice in It's Play Time.

Jason Knox Lee created Bachelor II Groom to help men transition from bachelor to groom and provide the scarcely obtainable advice he wished was available before he popped the big question and organized his own wedding, "There's a plethora of wedding magazines for women but none that are directed towards men," says Lee. Bachelor II Groom fills the gap and provides a stylish, hip, and sophisticated resource for men that was previously unavailable. BIIG Magazine will be in print and available for purchase at and on newsstands summer 2007.

"Men now more than ever are involved with the wedding -- grooms want to be heard and should be heard," says Colin Cowie, celebrity event planner. Lee adds, "In the past, the only thing men had to do before getting married was buy a ring, rent a tuxedo, and show up, but times have changed." Welcome change with Bachelor II Groom as your guide.

Bachelor II Groom is a Novum Media publication. BIIG is the only luxury and style focused resource for men who attend weddings. Please see or call 917.214.2083 for more information.

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