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Florage is Now Preserving Wedding Flowers for the Public

Houston, TX (PRWeb) February 27, 2007 -- Brides can now keep their wedding memories alive by saving the fresh flowers from their elegantly designed bridal bouquet. Modern techniques allow the preservation of their flowers to last for years.

Florage takes flowers from wedding bouquets and turns them into beautiful memory keepsakes to enjoy for years to come. Florage will delicately recreate bridal bouquets in a rich wood shadowbox that may include the invitation, garter and the customers favorite photograph.

Florage has been creating memories with flowers since 1982. Using the state of the art flower preservation method, Florage is conscious of quality. They make sure each individual flower has been carefully processed and preserved allowing them to have a fresh and natural look that will last a lifetime.

The state of the art method that is used by Florage involves a special freeze drying process where the moisture is slowly removed from the flowers over a period of four weeks. The results are perfectly dried flowers that remain brilliant with color, are soft and supple, and that still look like fresh flowers.

Florage invites potential brides interested in the preservation of their flowers to please call 888-266-5747 (713- 266-5707 for local brides in Texas) for more information on this process.

About Florage
Florage was founded by Gayle Christie to meet a much needed service in the floral industry for the preservation of flowers, most often, for wedding and sympathy arrangements. Gayle has also authored the book, "Why Send Red Roses, A Guide To Floral Etiquette" a book that covers the "do's and don't" of flower etiquette, and gives an overview for sending flowers with their true meanings. For more information on preserving flowers, and information regarding all aspects of flowers in decor or as gifts, please visit her website at


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