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Kate Aspen Invites Brides-to-Be to Unveil Their Wedding Personality and Wow Guests With Personality Wedding Favors

Atlanta, GA (PRWeb) March 17, 2007 -- Step aside wedding favors of yesteryear, Kate Aspen, a national leader in wedding favors, announces Kate Aspen Personality Favors™. The only wedding favor company in the world who marries the bride's personality type to the wedding favor packaging for a "that's so me" presentation. Brides may log onto, take the "unveil your bridal style" quiz and identify themselves as the ultimate Elizabeth, Audrey, Lexi, Katie or Victoria. Each of these five virtual brides possesses her own personality traits and personal style. Kate Aspen has designed a line of wedding favor packaging for each type of bride, with individualized color palettes and patterns to reflect her personality.

Traditionally, the use of wedding favors has varied based on regional preferences, type of wedding and other factors. Kate Aspen is elevating the role of the wedding favor to a "must have" for all types of weddings. Jennifer Fallon, founder and CEO of Kate Aspen notes, "Gone are the days when guests walked away from the wedding with almonds wrapped in tulle. Today's bride wants to show her appreciation with wedding favors that reflect her unique personality, serve to complement the reception visually and enhance the entire wedding experience."

Meet the Virtual Brides
The Kate Aspen Personality Favors™ feature 20 box colors and styles. Meet "Elizabeth" who represents classical elegance. The Elizabeth collection features an elegant vine pattern available in white and black, ivory and white, white and silver, pool and chocolate, and pink and chocolate. "Audrey" is known for sophisticated glamour. Her collection features pinstripe packaging in black and white with a choice of pool, red, pink or grey. "Lexi," the unique and free-spirited bride, will enliven any reception setting with favor packaging in pink and black swirls, vibrant stripes, pool and chocolate plaid, or pink and chocolate polka-dots. "Katie" is described as the princess bride. The Katie collection offers a toile-like pattern available in periwinkle, pink and lavender. "Victoria" is a hopeless romantic and shares that sentiment with packaging in a traditional burgundy, deep lilac and sage.

Kate Aspen Favors
Brides may select from the 22 Kate Aspen personality favors or click to others favors that each type of bride would love - a visual listing from the entire Kate Aspen collection. Personality favors include the "Love Beyond Measure" heart-shaped spoons; "Forever Photo Coasters;" and the "Love Letters" letter opener. Among the hottest selling items in the 2007 collection are the Elegant Orchid Gel Candle; the "It's About Time" Silver Champagne Bucket Timer to poke fun at a long courtship; the "Whisked Away" Heart Whisk; and the tradition-inspired Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue" Note Set, stacked to resemble gifts, piled high, wrapped with ribbon.

At , brides may take the "unveil your bridal style" personality quiz and browse the Personality Favors™ along with the entire collection. Brides may find a list of retailers closest to them and online retailers. For more information about Kate Aspen Personality Favors™, visit


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