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(PRWeb) March 22, 2007 - As the biggest wedding day in history approaches, brides around the world now have a new resource to help them plan the perfect day. is designed to connect brides who share this historic day. The website's features include an idea engine where users can submit, rate and comment on wedding related ideas and information. A journals section allows users to keep an online journal of their wedding planning, wedding day and after wedding plans. The site also contains an online directory and marketplace where users can find links to products and services for every wedding need.

There is definitely no shortage of content and personal websites related to the 07/07/07 wedding date scattered around the internet. Almost every wedding related website or forum has at least two or three topics from brides discussing and sharing ideas around the popular date. Plus dozens of personal websites created by couples specifically for their big day. A quick Google search for "777 wedding" returns over 1.2 million results.

That's where comes in. The ideas section is a platform where users can submit links to existing 777 wedding content that is relevant. All users can then vote "I do" for the resources they find useful. The content rated most useful rises to the top of the listings automatically.

"We've found couples who began planning to get married on July 7, 2007 over two years ago. These couples already have detailed wedding plans and lengthy online journals. It wouldn't make sense for them to create new content on a new website. Our goal is to connect them with other couples around existing content and discussions. For those who would like to start a journal dedicated to their day or any specific topic, that option exists too," said Michael Moorefield, president of, LLC which owns

Conveniently, 07/07/07 falls on a Saturday. It's also the first weekend in July and right after the 4th of July holiday, which is traditionally a popular wedding time. With so many planning to wed on the same day, wedding service providers and vendors are overwhelmed. "High demand means higher prices; the cost of a wedding is already substantial. By sharing information and resources hopefully couples can save a few bucks," Moorefield said.

About is an online community for 07/07/07 brides to connect, share ideas, resources, journals and more. Committed to helping brides easily find the most useful and relevant content, is the leading website dedicated to the most popular wedding day ever - July 7, 2007.

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Three Great Ideas For Choosing Fun and Meaningful Wedding Party Gifts
By Todd Haness

Wedding Favor Ideas: Tips For Planning Weddings
If you have ever attended a wedding, you probably remember the keepsakes that the bride and groom gave their guests. Giving each guest a wedding favor is part of the tradition of the wedding ceremony. Any bridal shop will have various wedding favors from which you can choose. For a more unique touch you can design and create your own style of wedding favor to give guests. Not only does this add a special touch to the ceremony, but it also provides an opportunity for the individuals in the wedding party to spend time together before the ceremony in an occasion that is not as hectic. A customized wedding favor can also save you money since you can usually buy the materials you need at any hobby shop.

Is Digital Photography Better Than Classic Photography?
When it comes to photography, the digital wave is very much in evidence and yet, both operate on the same principles. Both have a lens, an aperture and a shutter. The difference lies in how the image is formed. Classic or traditional photography uses film on which the image is captured and then developed in a darkroom with chemicals to give you negatives. These need to be printed before you can see the picture in its final form. In a digital camera, you bypass all these processes because the image is captured by an electronic sensor. You aim, click and almost immediately, you can see the picture you took in the viewfinder. There is no developing, no negatives, no printing. Just the sensor which is actually millions of pixels or megapixels w...

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies – Keeping Your Guest Comfortable
According to a survey conducted in 2003 by Bride's magazine, 15% of all couples choose an outdoor wedding, and that trend is growing. But with a all of the beauty and simplicity that an outdoor wedding brings, it also brings added anxiety from the force known as Mother Nature.

Get Married to Debut on WE TV in April; New Magazine Show is All About Weddings
Every year in the U.S. 460,000 people get engaged on Valentine’s Day (Source: Diamond Information Center on behalf of the Diamond Trading Company). With an entire day devoted to and celebrated with romance-filled sentiments, hearts, candies, chocolate, and of course – cherubs, it’s no wonder so many couples get swept up in it all. With the magic of St. Valentine upon us, and love and romance in the air, more and more couples will be heading down the aisle and tying the knot. How romantic, how wonderful, how incredibly….overwhelming! As beautiful an occasion as getting married can be, the actual planning of a wedding and all that it entails can be quite a daunting task. Couples find themselves catapulted from fami...

Save on Wedding Costs and Have that Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate fountains, once a rarity at weddings, are becoming more common -- but no less beloved. Still, they pose a budget crunch for many brides, coming in at only slightly under the cost of the wedding cake -- and that's for a one-day rental!If you're like us, there's something that just burns our little Yankee hearts about spending over $400 to rent a machine that granted, costs a little over ten times that, but gets rented out many times.

Planning Weddings on a Budget
Planning as early as possible for your wedding is the key to maintaining a budget you can afford. It is a good idea for both the future Bride and Groom to do this together.

Wedding Tips for Saving Your Sanity and Your Bank Account
Overwhelmed is a common feeling a bride-to-be experiences as she begins to delve into the $45 billion a year world of planning a wedding. However there are several ways to deal with the incessant head spinning that can ensue as you begin to contemplate who to invite, what to feed everyone, where to have it, and how in the world you can stay within your budget without requiring a stylish white straight jacket to wear with your Badgley Mischka gown.

Elevated Photography Company Aims High With National Expansion
HighPicture Systems -- an elevated photography firm specializing in real estate, commercial and event security imagery, among a host of other markets -- is currently expanding on a national level through independent business owners. As part of the growth, HighPicture Systems is opening independent, HighPicture Photography franchises in Portland and Seattle starting in May.

Wedding Color Idea
The color you choose for your wedding will ultimately set the theme for the entire event. You can choose to play around with the color wheel and go monochrome, but working around lighter or darker variants of the color. You can also choose two complementing colors, or be daring and creative by choosing two loud colors. The key in using two loud colors is the way it is used so that they do not clash. Here you will find several ways of using and playing with colors. Remember that the colors should be reflective of the couple getting married, and have fun!

WeddingStarZ: New Wedding Astrology eBusiness Launches on Valentine's Day, 2/14
New ebusiness provides customized bound astrology-based psychological profile for wedding couples:

Great Wedding Bargains Online!
Depending on where you are in the world, the cost of a wedding can run anywhere from a mere US$55 (which is just the marriage license) to as much as US$100,000. In the UK the average is between ?16000 and ?25000. In the US, it runs to about US$19,000. That?s a whale of a lot of money that couples spend to make 1 single day memorable.

Less Stressful Portrait and Family Photography Sessions Offered by Local Lifestyle Photographer
Lifestyle portraiture preferred over traditional studio-posed photography

Learning Photography - Basics For All
Photography is defined as ?The art or process of producing images by the action of light on surfaces sensitized by chemical processes.?

The 9 Essential Wedding Toast Tips
Having done three unprepared wedding speeches before, I know all about the stress involved in getting up in front of a

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