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Derek Fell Garden Stock Photography

(PRWeb) March 10, 2007 -- North America's most widely published garden photographer, Derek Fell, has been photographing plants and gardens worldwide for 45 years. The author of more than 100 garden books and garden calendars, his work also appears in magazines and newspapers worldwide. Fell has now converted thousands of his most popular garden scenes to digital images, for instant access from his website

A regular contributor of garden features to Architectural
Digest magazine since the 1970¹s and contributor to numerous mail order nursery catalogs since the 1960¹s, Fell has won more awards for outstanding photography from the Garden Writers Association than any other person.

Announcing his decision to convert a vast section of his color slide library to digital format, Fell explained: ³Though many publishers are still dedicated to film for quality reproduction, many more want the speed and convenience of digital delivery, particularly newspapers and advertising agencies. Images of beautiful gardens and plants are in constant demand for both editorial and commercial use, and most other websites offering garden images are either limited in their selection, difficult to navigate, or fraught with complications concerning fees and copyright clearance. My site not only offers diversity but also accurate labeling, low publication fees starting at $10.00 for private use, and most important ¬ freedom from restrictions whether the intended use is editorial, educational or commercial.²

Visitors to Fell¹s website need not register or take out a subscription like many other on-line stock photo libraries. They can quickly download a single high-resolution, publication-quality image, or request
A disk for overnight delivery with a thousand or more digitized images of their choosing. Searches are made by the name of a garden ¬ such as Monet¹s Garden or the Vatican Gardens; also by common name or Latin name in the case of a plant. For a popular category like sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) there is a choice of more than fifty images, while a popular garden like Fell¹s own award-winning garden, Cedaridge Farm, offers more than 500 images, some with children and adults.


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