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Choosing Your Wedding Car

The right wedding car can add a touch of magic and class to your special day. The journey to your wedding ceremony is the most significant ride you will ever make.

The wedding car is more than just a means of transporting you to and from the ceremony - after all it will be the last place you gather your thoughts as an excited and beautiful bride to be and the first intimate space you will share as newly weds.

Selecting a wedding car should be a fun but serious exercise. Visit each prospective car supplier or chauffeur and ask for a test ride. You wouldn?t get married in a dress you?ve never tried on and the same should go for your wedding car!

Check the interior. Is it spacious, will it accommodate the bridal gown (especially important if the dress has an elegant but delicate train), is there plenty of room to egress gracefully? Wear the same size heels as your wedding shoes and practice getting in and out of the car. You want to be poised and elegant on the day, especially as cameras will be documenting your every move! The last few minutes before the ceremony can be a little tense so ensure that the wedding car is comfortable and a relaxing space.

Reliability is obviously essential. When you visit your chauffeur or wedding car specialist pay attention to their premises not just the car. A company or chauffeur that looks after their premises will also look after their car! You don?t want to risk a breakdown on the day do you?

Finally you will want to decide what style and age of car will best compliment your dress and the wedding ceremony itself. You can get a very modern model, something as sleek an elegant as a Mercedes, a traditional Rolls Royce or you can opt for a vintage car. It all depends on the theme of your wedding, and of course, your budget. Most wedding car suppliers have several models so don?t restrict you choice.

Traditionally most wedding cars are white but don?t let that dictate your final choice. An elegant cream may best compliment your dress, silver is timeless and classical or you may opt for a stronger, solid colour. Lastly, ensure that your chauffeur dresses both himself and the car in a style that compliments the theme of your day! As with every other aspect of planning a wedding, it?s the details that frequently add that final sparkle to your wedding day.

This article was prepared with help from a Milton Keynes based Wedding Car & Chauffeuring company by Andrew Joseph an feature writer.

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