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Wedding Flowers Join the Do-it-Yourself Trend

Tulsa, OK (PRWeb) February 26, 2007 -- For years media outlets and retailers have been capitalizing on the do-it-yourself trend to build, fix or remodel just about anything. This DIY craze has never been more popular than in the wonderful world of weddings.

More and more brides-to-be are showing their savvy and ingenuity by helping plan and create their weddings. One of the most popular DIY wedding projects is creating the flower arrangements. They add the personal touch that can only come from the bride herself, by allowing her to express her individual personality and taste.

With the help of the Internet, every bride has instant access not only to the wedding flowers of her choice, but also to endless resources for designing and planning. However many brides still seek out guidance from someone with a bit more experience. Web sites, such as Wedding Flowers-DIY, are giving brides the best of both worlds -- easy-to-follow DIY projects and access to professional help.

"Brides shouldn't have to settle for anything less than perfection for their special day," said Jo Lind, Wedding Flowers-DIY founder and master florist. "I can help guide them in their planning decisions as well as with the actual work to help create exactly what they want."

Lind's site,, offers step-by-step tutorials and other resources for DIY wedding flowers, and Lind provides professional consultation for those who aren't quite ready to tackle the project single-handedly. While many brides may love the idea of DIY wedding flowers, taking on the entire project might be somewhat overwhelming.

"Eighty percent of our customers are DIY brides, and are always looking for help with their arrangements," said Orlando Monsalve, owner of American Floral Distributors.

The benefits of DIY wedding flowers are endless. Among them is the significant savings in cost. "Brides opting for DIY flowers have probably doubled over the past five years," said Blake Kritzberg, editor of "They're researching the flowers online, figuring out which ones to buy and how to care for them, and shaving at least fifty percent off their floral costs as a result."

In addition, brides will have the rewarding experience of creating their own bouquets. That results in a sense of accomplishment and pride that no amount of money can buy. Brides always have the option of doing as much or as little as they want, and enlisting a florist to help with the rest.

The Wedding Flowers-DIY Web site is a comprehensive resource for brides wanting to create their own wedding flowers. For the beginner as well as for the experienced do-it-yourselfer looking for inspiration, the site offers a variety of tools:

• Planning guide
• Step-by-step tutorials
• Trends, ideas and sample photos
• Design tips and planning timeline
• Free newsletter

As long as DIY enthusiasts enjoy saving money and taking pride in a job well done, self-help resources like Wedding Flowers-DIY will remain a valuable tool for the resourceful bride.

About Wedding Flowers-DIY
After creating wedding flower arrangements for five family weddings in eight months on a shoestring budget, Jo Lind had learned a lot about do-it-yourself wedding flowers. She reinforced her knowledge with floral arrangement classes, becoming a certified Master Florist and training under some of Oklahoma's top floral designers. In the past few years, Lind has created beautiful floral arrangements for hundreds of large and small weddings and visited dozens of bridal fairs to keep up with current trends. Wedding Flowers-DIY takes her experience and knowledge and makes it easily accessible to brides-to-be wanting to create their own wedding memories.

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