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Laurie Morgan, Local Publisher of The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages, Elected to Advisory Board of International Industry Group

Sacramento, CA (PRWeb) February 15, 2007 -- Laurie Morgan, publisher of the Sacramento-based Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages (, was recently elected to the Advisory Board of Association for Wedding Professionals International (AfWPi) (

Morgan joins a select group of wedding industry professionals - elected by their peers - who will help guide AfWPi during the next two-year term.

Morgan's appointment reflects the respect accorded to her and her publication, The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages. A recognized marketing expert, Morgan frequently shares her expertise with members of the wedding industry community through seminars and her marketing blog (

Said Laurie Morgan, "I'm thrilled to be honored in this special way - by the vendors who constitute our customer base - and to have the opportunity to help the industry's leading association continue to serve the wedding community."

Introduced in Sacramento in 2003, The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages is now offered in print in both the Greater Sacramento and the Bay Area. Online editions are offered for Greater Sacramento, the Bay Area and the Central Valley.


The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages is a comprehensive directory of resources designed to simplify the wedding planning process. It combines the best-researched listing of local resources and contact information with features of a planner - so brides can not only shop for vendors, but also take notes and track appointments. What's more, the book is highly portable, so brides can take it with them whenever they're shopping for wedding goods or meeting with wedding vendors. The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages is a free publication available in print and on the Internet at The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages web site includes several companion services to assist brides, including the Request for Information system (, the Reception Site Finder (, and Wedding Timesavers (


Publisher Laurie Morgan has more than 14 years experience in media and publishing. Prior to founding her current venture, The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages, she held senior executive positions at IDG and at Sony Broadband Entertainment's 550 Digital Media Ventures.

At IDG, Laurie was the founder and president of, the company's global internet marketing and ad sales division. At Sony, Laurie founded an electronic media venture that developed a patent-pending technology for delivering multi-media books over the web. Laurie is a graduate of Brown University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She writes about marketing for wedding professionals in her blog at


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