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What Does Photography and Online Dating Have in Common?

Germantown, MD (PRWEB) February 20, 2007 -- Exposure. Creative on-location freelance photographer Ryan Shapiro ( has been successfully photographing single persons for years for their online dating profiles, and they are getting great results.    

According to the U.S. Census Bureau over 1.44 of Americans are single. This translates into approximately 100 million unattached singles. With over 40% of U.S. singles using online dating services alone, they are learning that improved online photographs can go a long way in increasing profile views.

Shapiro states, "Great photographs translate into more online dating profile hits. Physical attributes are the catalyst for online communication. Without a great set of photographs that reveal a warm and attractive person, your odds of meeting 'significant other' diminish as mediocrity becomes your biggest obstacle."

For $169, Shapiro arrives on-location prepared to spend an hour or so to capture remarkable images, and then posts them within 24 to 48 hours later in a online proof gallery. Once a client makes a selection of photographs, Shapiro resizes the images to make them web-friendly for online dating web sites. Instructions are e-mailed to the client on how to download the files directly to their computer.

Ryan Shapiro Photography's key differentiator is affordable rates, friendly customer service, on-location flexibility and responsiveness. Clients receive the benefit of full service - a perfectionist's eye - ensuring excellent creative composition and quality control.

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