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HQ Wedding Declares Calla Lilies are not Just for Funerals

Southfield, MI (PRWeb) February 9, 2007 -- Calla lilies have sparked the attention of many brides and are making way to become the most popular wedding theme for 2007.

The common calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) has been common place in the funeral arena for decades and is somewhat cliché for sympathy. It's an old age myth that this is so because callas bloom profusely during winter solstice, the darkest time of the year.

Today, this native of South Africa has grown in popularity in the wedding circuit with many wedding theme options for stationary, accessories and even party favors. Calla lilies are now transforming from a symbol of sympathy to one of purity.

"We use calla lilies in many of our funeral arrangements, but each year the number of requests for wedding events constantly increase. Over the past decade we have had numerous brides choose calla lilies over roses," said Amy Hicks, florist consultant.

Brides today are particularly interested in the white color of the flower as it works well with various colors. The beautiful bloom of the calla has also made its mark for bouquets and it's giving the native rose a run for the money in popularity.

Hicks continued, "We now prepare to produce as many calla lily bouquets and arrangements during wedding season as we do roses."

As a result of this new tradition, HQ Wedding Favors has added a unique line of products to accommodate the growing trend.

"After receiving several requests for calla lily wedding favors, we decided to add this specific theme to our product line and these items are now available. We are even going a step further to include a complete line of calla lily themed items, such as invitations, thank you cards, guest book and pen sets, cake and knife sets and even calla lily unity candles. When shopping for a calla lily themed wedding, we have eased a bit of stress for the brides by offering a one stop shop for these items," said Leah Lee, President of

Look for the complete line of calla lilies accessories and gifts in spring 2007.

About HQ Wedding Favors
HQ Wedding Favors is a privately owned company based in Southfield, Michigan. The website offers wedding favors, bridal shower favors and bridal party gifts for any budget or theme. HQ Wedding Favors also features expert advice and articles on many wedding topics, including planning and honeymoons.

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