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The Perfect Little Wedding Package at Cedarwood Offers Brides Designer Weddings without Breaking the Bank

Nashville, TN (PRWeb) February 8, 2007 -- The Cedarwood wedding and event staff is accustomed to the response - You mean all this is included? It is confirmation that their Perfect Little Wedding Package has accomplished its goal of offering couples a designer quality, value-packed wedding and reception package that rivals much higher priced offerings.

Cedarwood offers several ceremony and reception settings within a country oasis just minutes from downtown Nashville. Fireside nuptials in a historic home, garden ceremonies on a rose laden terrace, shady antebellum lawn or wildflower meadow offers brides opportunities to express their own unique style during any season. Once the setting is selected, The Perfect Little Wedding Package takes the stress out of planning an unforgettable event by letting Cedarwood do the leg work and coordination within an all-inclusive package that removes the anxiety of staying within budget. Style decisions are made together with the Cedarwood design team starting with the bride's personal vision of her perfect wedding.

Cedarwood's master designer, Karen Wright, further explains the vision behind The Perfect Little Wedding Package, "Every bride is equally precious, and Cedarwood wants to offer our high level of personal attention and amenities for all sizes of weddings and budgets. By allowing us to put together all the components, we can synergize style, add value and ensure that they get a well put together and memorable event without hidden and unexpected costs." Some of the amenities of the all-inclusive package include printed invitations, live music, luxury linens and tablescapes, Chivari chairs, designer florals and décor, wedding cake, champagne toast, reception fare, and a gala send-off. Pearl and Diamond upgrades give couples the flexibility of enhancing some elements and adding amenities.

More than a century ago, Cedarwood was a prosperous 330 acre farm owned by the prominent Yarbrough family and host of constant community activity. Today as a historic event home, Cedarwood continues the legacy of gathering people in the beautifully preserved Yarbrough House and grounds to share life's most important celebrations. The picturesque estate, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, retains its pastoral charm and offers a variety of enchanting settings for intimate celebrations for 50 people or large events of up to 200 guests.

Cedarwood partners and family members, Karen, Linda and Nathan Wright have been connected to the wedding and hospitality industries for over 20 years. Their award-winning skills in floral design and event marketing and management ensure that the smallest detail is executed to perfection in high style. For information on booking Cedarwood and complete package information, call 615.876.9999, email, or visit their website,


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