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WeddingStarZ: New Wedding Astrology eBusiness Launches on Valentine's Day, 2/14

Hanalei, Kauai, HI (PRWeb) February 8, 2007 -- Kauai businesswoman Linda Masterson announces the Valentine's Day launch of a new wedding-gift line, WeddingStarZ, an Internet-based venture offering astrology reports for brides and grooms. The company's product line and store can be viewed at

Looking for a unique and truly useful wedding gift at an affordable price? Masterson, founder and owner of WeddingStarZ, says she has the answer to this decision most of us face a few times each year. "What if you could give your friends a custom-made gift, designed to help them understand themselves, each other, and their relationship for a lifetime? WeddingStarZ' The Book of Us is such a gift," Masterson says.

The WeddingStarZ mission is to provide wedding couples with a magnificent astrological relationship profile in a beautifully presented format, The Book of Us, a psychological interpretation in clear language, addressing the characteristics and potentials of the bride and groom, each as individuals, their ways of relating to one another, as well as providing deep insight into the unique dynamics of their union. The 50- to 80-page profile is printed in full-color, with illustrations, and bound in paperback, hardcover or leather.

"My passion is to help couples step into the love they are: to see it, to know it, to celebrate it and to be faithful stewards of their love; and I enjoy giving tools that help foster that precious love over the years. More and more people are realizing that individual autonomy is at the heart of sustainable and enjoyable relationships," Masterson says. "The better we understand ourselves, the better we understand others; and we become empowered in our relating. Astrology is a potent tool for self-understanding."

"I'm having the best time creating WeddingStarZ," Masterson smiles, as she opens the magnificent white leather binder for the premium product, revealing the full-color printing on fine ivory paper. "I've been an astrologer for 35 years now, and I especially enjoy sharing with wedding couples. They're so focused on working together at this point in their relationship. I'm creating WeddingStarZ so I can reach more couples with the wonderful insights astrology offers: the gifts, the challenges, and the synergies. To me, a customized product for wedding couples just seems like the most natural service I can offer. It's been wonderful to watch the growing acceptance for astrology as a psychological tool in the past few years."

Continuing, Masterson offers, "Few people realize that just a few centuries ago in Europe, astrology was such a respected art that candidates for a degree in medicine had to demonstrate their competence as astrologers. There was little interest in psychology then, and astrology was the area of psychological expertise. The Magi, popularly known as the 'three kings,' were expert astrologers and applied the art to locating the birth time and place of Jesus Christ. Nowadays, astrology promises deep insight into human psychology. With developments in human potential, the focus is ever more on personal empowerment and less on a fated destiny. I'm very excited about what WeddingStarZ might mean for the couples who purchase our product or receive one as a wedding gift. And speaking of a WeddingStarZ profile as a wedding gift, I think the easiest way to give this gift is as a gift certificate. This way you don't have to ask the wedding couple when and where they were born and spoil the surprise!"

Each beautifully bound WeddingStarZ profile is customized to the birth specifications of the bridal couple and provides clear and valuable insight to the attractions between them, life challenges, lessons and purposes, as well as to drives, desires, hopes and dreams. All profiles are illustrated with colorful graphics and couples can opt to include wedding photos.

The Book of Us is as beautiful as it is interesting, and it is designed to be useful for a lifetime. WeddingStarZ profiles start at $129 for the full-color large-format paperback version. Options include hardcover binding, adding wedding photos, having a photo appear on the cover, and a premium package with a white-leather binding with a personalized engraved brass cover plate.

"We are running an introductory special, offering a 10 percent discount for all orders placed by March 31; so tell your friends and please come visit our beautiful WeddingStarZ online store at, today!"

Linda Masterson
PO Box 856
Hanalei, Kauai, HI       
732 words


This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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