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Experience The Regal Beauty Of African Wedding Hair Styles!

Wouldn?t it be great if you were a celebrity bride with a team of stylists? Can?t you just imagine them trying to coordinate your veil with that perfect Juliet topknot! There are many marvelous wedding hair styles for women out there; the trick is in finding the one that suits you best. Walking into a hair salon and pointing to a picture that should be your guideline for the hairdresser may not be the very best approach. In fact it is highly recommended that a bride to be sits with her hair stylists and tests out potential styles before the actual Big Day!

Most brides opt for a formal updo as they think it denotes regality and glamour. With its clean lines and timeless elegance, it has always been a favorite wedding day look. The wonderful thing is that it works well with a variety of veils. There are several things that a bride-to-be may want to consider before selecting a hairstyle. Some include

- Before selecting a hairstyle and veil, it is essential that you take into account the shape of your face. If you have a rounder face, sleeker styles with longer veils will look best on you. Narrow shaped faces are better suited to fuller styles and veils.

- The veils that are longer than your waist are heavy and may be cumbersome also. However if you do opt to wear a long veil, choose a coif with less volume on the top as tighter styles hold up better. A chignon, where the hair is gathered into a roll at the nape of the neck, is a good bet. Another option is the Juliet topknot, where the hair is twisted into a tight coil at the top of the head.

- How about a regal, intricate updo as your option, with lengths of hair woven into an elaborate creation on the crown of your head? There?s no need to despair as this style can work with a longer, heavier veil. Instead of covering your hair with the veil, consider piling your hair on top of your veil. In this way, the veil will cascade down your back, adding romance and regality to your style.

- A classic yet versatile look is the French twist. This option allows the hair to be gathered into a low pony tail and then swept into a roll along the back of the head. Brides that choose the French twist are in luck -- this style looks gorgeous both with long veils and with shorter styles.

Brides with short hair look especially lovely with short veils. It?s easy, just picture a tuft of snowy white tulle fluttering from the crown of your head. Don?t despair as a smaller veil is not your only option, cascading veils can look fabulous, too. Dress your hair up with a tiara or halo of flowers and you'll be gorgeous in a veil of any length!

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