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Wedding Favors Supplier My Wedding Reception Ideas Announces Bookmarker Wedding Favors

(PRWeb) February 6, 2007 -- Wedding favors are small, inexpensive gifts given to guests by the bride and groom at the wedding reception to show their appreciation to family and friends for sharing their special day. Wedding favors can range from soaps and votive candles to miniature photo frames or treats wrapped in attractive favor boxes or bags.

When considering favors for their guests, many couples are looking for keepsake gifts that are not only elegant but also useful; something that will remind family and friends of their wedding day for years to come. With practicality in mind, My Wedding Reception Ideas is proud to announce the addition of bookmarker wedding favors to their line of unique and affordable wedding favors.

Bookmarker wedding favors are attractive gifts that can be used on a daily basis at home, school or in the workplace to mark pages in a textbook, cookbook, journal or favorite novel. When most people hear the word bookmarker, they immediately think of a thin piece of cardboard material with a design with some type of wording or poem with a tassel attached to place inside of a book.

Bookmarker wedding favors offered at My Wedding Reception Ideas are unique gifts made of silver or chrome plated metal with glass or resin charms or sculptures in many designs to compliment any wedding or party theme. Bookmarker themes and designs include, LOVE, hearts, crosses, sea shells, butterflies and even poker playing cards.

The metal clip of the bookmark is slid onto a page or several pages to leave an attractive appliqué exposed on the outside of the head of the book for easy access to the page marked. These attractive bookmarks will strike up a conversation that will ultimately lead to parties reminiscing your wedding day.

An added feature to the bookmark wedding favors is the attractive gift box with a clear plastic lid that encases each bookmarker favor. Each boxed favor is wrapped with an organza bow and a thank you favor tag for a beautiful presentation that takes little effort on the part of the bride, groom or wedding coordinator.

Looking for favors or gifts to place into a gift bag or on the wedding reception tables? The pre-packaged bookmarker wedding favors, measuring approximately 3 ½ inches long by 2 inches wide, will fit into small gift bags or serve as a discrete favor placed at each setting of the guest tables.

Another compelling aspect of bookmarker wedding favors is the fact that they will actually promote reading for younger guests as they will be anxious to show off their thank you gift in a schoolbook or their favorite fiction or non-fiction book.

Break free from traditional candies and treats presented wedding receptions and give your guests a keepsake they will treasure and use for years to come with bookmarker wedding favors.

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