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New Beautiful Bride Gift Set from Dainty Footings Ensures Feet Feel Fabulous on Her Wedding Day

(PRWeb) February 5, 2007 -- With all the planning and expense that will go into the average wedding this spring, why forget one of the most overlooked problems for the bride on her wedding day? Dainty Footing's new Beautiful Bride Gift Set ( is an inexpensive way to ensure her walk down the isle and first dance with Dad will be both blister and foot-pain free. Most brides suffer bloody, painful feet and blisters by wearing new and often extremely uncomfortable high heel shoes for the first time on their wedding day. The Beautiful Bride Gift Set which comes in cream only is a suitable gift in the "something new" category - and affordable enough to give to all the bridesmaids as well.

"Wedding shoes have been a focus of attention for all women ever since childhood when Prince Charming placed the glass slipper on Sleeping Beauty's elegant foot," said Susanna Potter, CEO of Dainty Footings. "Although brides may think their wedding gown will be their most important item - it's really their wedding shoe. Our Beautiful Bride Gift Set lets the bride and her bridesmaids wear any incredibly gorgeous shoe of their choosing without suffering from excruciating pain."

Dainty Footings luxury women's designer shoe cushion sets correct improper foot position, relieve pressure on joints, reduce foot slippage and blisters, and provide maximum shock absorption. Made from high-tech Poron Performance Urethanes used in Europe for decades, Dainty Footings allow heat and moisture to dissipate quickly keeping her feet cool and dry, while limiting bacterial growth as well as undesirable and embarrassing foot odor. They last up to six months with daily wear and Poron absorbs impact better than latex foam, rubber, gels and neoprene.

"The wedding day is the most important day in a woman's entire life," said Britta Meissner, Dainty Footings' V.P., Director of Sales. "The Beautiful Bride Gift Set guarantees she'll feel wonderful from her head to her toes. And as a special for bridesmaids we offer the sixth Beautiful Bride Gift Set for free with a purchase of five - and there is always free shipping with every order."

Each Dainty Footings' Beautiful Bride Gift Set retails for $19.95. For more information visit or for wholesale information contact Susanna Potter at 520-529-1554. For digital images, free media samples, interviews, or more information contact RPR Public Relations, Inc. at 786-290-6413.


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