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Dilbert's Wedding - A Special Family Occasion

When we think of weddings, we typically think of holding the ceremony in a church or other special event building. However, celebrity couples like to do things a little differently. That's why back in July 2006, Scott Adams, best known as the creator of the lovable office worker Dilbert, married his girlfriend, Shelly Miles, on a yacht in San Francisco Bay. That's not the picture most of us imagine of a wedding.

Vicars and Captains Adams and Miles had been dating for two years before they exchanged vows in front of more than 150 guests on the yacht. In fact, the yacht's captain was the one who performed the ceremony. After the couple's first kiss as man and wife, the guests were able to enjoy the reception, including dancing, on board the yacht.

But if getting married on a boat isn't interesting enough, Scott and Shelly also decided to do something unique for their honeymoon, too. They're taking a Caribbean cruise. Now, you may be saying there's nothing unique about that destination and you're right. However, Scott and Shelly are taking both of their parents and Shelly's children along with them on the cruise. Instead of viewing their honeymoon as a romantic getaway, it's become a family event! That's definitely not what most of us expect.

Great Ideas from the Sea And that brings us to what us ordinary people can learn from Scott and Shelly's wedding and honeymoon plans.

First, when you're planning the location of your wedding and/or reception, don't limit yourself to just traditional spots. There's no law that says you must get married inside of a church. There's also no law that says you have to invite hundreds of people to your ceremony or after-party. The most important part of choosing a location is what is going to make you and your spouse-to-be happy.

In the case of Scott and Shelly, that location was on board a yacht. For you, that location might be botanical garden, a museum, a beach, a hotel lobby, a zoo, or even a church.

Second, remembering your family is an important part of every wedding. While Scott and Shelly are showing how important family is to them by taking them along on the honeymoon, you can find other ways of expressing your parents' and your children's importance to you. For example, you could include your parents in the wedding party ? remember Jay McGraw, Dr. Phil McGraw's son, had his father act as his best man during his wedding ceremony. Your children could also be included either as flower girls and ring bearers or as bridesmaids and groomsmen ? depending on their age.

Special Gifts Another way to show your appreciation to your family is to purchase them a special gift. You and your spouse-to-be should work together to select the perfect gift, possibly something engraved with a message from the two of you, that your parents will treasure forever. Of course, if you don't have the funds for a pricey gift, write a poem or sing a song to them at the wedding or reception. Trust me, they'll never forget the gesture.

At the end of the day, you don't have to have your wedding on a yacht or take your whole family on a cruise in order to have a unique ceremony or to show your love for the people who helped you become the person you are today. All you need is an open mind and a sincere desire to express your love.

Chris Morton ran hotels and restaurants for 17 years - catering for 100's of weddings. His wife Sue is a wedding planner with 10 year's experience. Together they have established to provide unbiased help for brides and grooms.

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