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New Wedding Video Site Enables Couples to Share Their Video Online

Los Angeles, CA (PRWeb) January 31, 2007 -- is now enabling couples to stream their wedding videos online in order to share them with friends and family. The service allows couples to share footage most attendees didn't get to see, such as the arrival and preparations of the wedding party and can also allow guests that couldn't be there in person to experience the event.

"People film or photograph events for two fundamental reasons; to save memories so that they can enjoy them again in the future and to share those memories with others. While the wedding DVD is a great way to store memories it's not a great way to share them. At Viddia, our goal is to make it easy to share these special moments," stated Mike Ripberger, company President.

While many videographers have made samples of their wedding videos available on the Internet, the task of putting each and every video they do online is time consuming and usually cost prohibitive. has created a partnership program which aims to reduce the effort and costs associated with encoding video, hosting the video, and supporting the viewers.

To use the service, a videographer drops an edited wedding DVD in a pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope that the company provides. The videographer and the bride are both notified via email when the video is available online, which is usually within a few business days.

The bride and groom are then given a password protected website for viewing their wedding video. They have the ability to send out emails to friends and family that link directly to their video viewing site. Additionally, viewers can purchase extra copies of the DVD directly from the Viddia website.

Since launching a beta version of the service in mid November, the company has since partnered with over one hundred professional videographers and is quickly growing that number.

Mike Ripberger added: "One of the reasons we created Viddia was that we were attending a large number of weddings and we always noticed the photographers and videographers working away. Afterwards, we would always receive links to view the wedding photos online, but never the video. We wondered, 'Where is all this video going and why can't we see it?' At Viddia, our goal is to change that."

About Viddia: Viddia provides services to professional videographers that help them distribute their work to customers online. Viddia aims to not only grow each individual partner's business, but to grow the videography industry as a whole by taking it out of the living room and putting it in the public eye. Viddia is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, CA.


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Avoid Wedding Woes by Creating a Wedding Budget Free Wedding Budget Planner and Advice From Consolidated Credit Counseling Service, Inc.
The average wedding today costs upwards of $25,000. If a couple pays for most of their wedding expenses with credit cards and loans, they might be still paying it off when they celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Using Consolidated Credit's free Wedding Budget Planner to help couples sort out what is important and the costs of certain goods and services can be a life-saver. The wedding budget planner can be downloaded from's Learning Center section of the web site.

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Wedding Favors
Your Wedding Favors are a little bit of your wedding that your guests get to take away with them.What to hand out? What says my wedding? Is it sugared almonds or posies of flowers? These days the sky is the limit when it comes to Wedding Favors. Announces 2006 Photograph of the Year Contest with Over $14,000 in Prizes recently announced the 2006 Photograph of the Year contest, featuring ten, high-profile sponsors with over $14,000 in prizes to be won. The contest is free to enter, with submissions accepted via email. Any photograph taken in 2006 is eligible to win if entered.

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