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The Do's And Don't Of Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is often one of the most exciting and stressful times in a couple?s life, but it doesn?t have to be. Buying the dress, mailing invitations, working out a budget, planning the honeymoon and choosing a menu are just a handful of the responsibilities that often accompany a wedding celebration. If you want to ease the stress of planning your nuptials and actually be able to enjoy the happiness of your upcoming marriage, consider the following ways to make your dreams into a reality without losing a lot of sleep.

Do set a budget and stick to it. From the attire to the catering and even the photography, weddings aren?t cheap. Before you even begin planning what you want, sit down with your spouse and determine a realistic budget. With a dollar amount in mind, make a written list of everything that you both want and begin shopping around and comparing prices.

Do plan early. A wedding can be very expensive, but the proper planning can make it seem more affordable over time. For instance, rather than spending a lot of money on a bridal gown all at once, find a boutique locally or online that offers layaway. Many shops offer this service regardless of your location and will gladly ship the gown after full payment has been made. If you are planning a honeymoon, consider placing a cruise on layaway through WalMart?s Vacation Outlet. If you will be picking up the tab for relatives who will travel in for the wedding, buying tickets several months in advance can save you a lot of money. By planning early, you can take advantage of breaking up the costs so that they will not seem like such a budget buster and, best of all, you can still have everything that you want.

Don?t go into debt. When you start your new lives together, you don?t want a mountain of credit card bills waiting to greet you when you return from the honeymoon. It?s better to have only what you can afford or, at the very least, what you can repay within six months. Otherwise, you may find that you are still paying for the wedding long after several anniversaries have past.

Do shop online. Regardless of whether you are shopping for wedding rings, a bridal gown or wedding invitations, you can easily find it all online. Because of the high level of competition, online companies are often able to provide much lower pricing than your local specialty shop. In addition to price, the convenience of being able to design and approve your wedding invitations and even your wedding rings may be an added benefit to shopping online.

Don?t be afraid to speak up. Afterall, this is your wedding. If something isn?t acceptable or being done to suit your taste or that of your fianc?, don?t hesitate to let it be known. Your wedding is a celebration of the love that you share for one another and it must be a reflection of both your personalities. While others may offer advice or input into the planning of the ceremony, it?s ultimately your decision on how you wish to celebrate.

Do confirm details. It?s important to check with your caterer, florist, seamstress, limo service and photographer several days prior to the wedding to confirm the time and details of the ceremony. What may seem like a little detail will quickly become a very big one if something goes wrong, so be sure that you take the time to check with everyone who will be a part of your special day to make sure that all arrangements are still on schedule.

Do create a backup plan for an outdoor ceremony. If mother nature fails to cooperate and rain should fall on your outdoor wedding, it?s important to have an alternate location available for your nuptials to be held. You may want to check the weather forecast one week prior to the ceremony and begin to make other arrangements if inclement weather is predicted.

Alex consults for an online gift shop specializing in and bridesmaids gifts. Alex is recently married.

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