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Local Photography Studio Captures Global Market

New Tampa, FL (PRWeb) January 14, 2007 -- Thompson Studios, New Tampa's first all-digital photography studio, has captured the interest of corporate moguls across the country -- and around the world. With his cutting edge creativity and visionary skills, Bob Thompson's multi award winning photography is setting new standards in the competitive world of branding -- and can now be viewed on their recently launched Web site, www.thompsonstudiostampa.com.

Thompson is known for his mastery of lighting effects and accentuating unique angles to create marketing images that communicates brand messages instantly. He has been integral to the marketing and advertising campaigns of many corporations, hospitals and universities locally, nationally and internationally.

"Businesses can't afford to be stagnant with their image. As the markets change, and they change quickly, it is imperative that you continue to evolve to keep ahead of the pack," said Thompson.

Capturing the perfect "look" for executive profiles and corporate shots can be a challenge. But Thompson has that special knack for working with people who aren't models, but can make them look like they are. It's all about rapport -- and Thompson has a magical touch with people.

"When I'm photographing people, my mission is to get to their pure essence, that extra spark in their smile, which doesn't happen by merely telling someone, 'smile.' When people are relaxed and having a great time, it shows in the final image. I get people relaxed by having a great time myself, because my work is fun," said Thompson.

Operating as Bob Thompson Photography since 1993, Thompson and his wife, Kim, renamed the business and moved their studio to the Cory Lake Professional Center in December 2003. They are an in-demand team and travel throughout the country and around the globe to take product and technology shots, architecture, corporate headquarters, executive portraits, etc. Their unique approach to capturing everyday sights and creating intriguing, innovative, and artistic images has captured the attention of top executives around the world.

Thompson Studios is located at 10329 Cross Creek Boulevard, Suite H, Tampa, Florida. They have just launched their new Web site (www.thompsonstudiostampa.com), an online gallery to showcase their stylistic approach -- photography with an edge.

CONTACT: Kim or Bob Thompson 813.994.2000 or email


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