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Ideas for Do It Yourself Wedding Favors

Ideas and Tips for Do it Yourself Favors

Brides these days are making the decision to create their own wedding favors for an array of reasons. Some choose to make favors so that they can save money. Other people choose the do-it-yourself wedding party favor since it is so much more personal than store bought favors and provides them a way to express themselves. No matter what the reason is, making your very own favors can be a fun and an unforgettable event.

When you are deciding on the best wedding favor to make, consider what you are good at. Do you like to sew? Potpourri sachets make really good gifts and are quite simple to make on your own. All that you will need is the cloth or material you like (regularly satin), potpourri or the essence of lavender as fillers and sewing equipment. With a little help, you can create a perfect sachet for guests for use in their closets, bureau drawers or vehicles. See the article on how to make sachets.

With so many families having family members overseas, notes or cards for the troops is a great wedding favor suggestion. Give out blank cards and envelopes that are addressed to a soldier in place of favors. Guests make out thoughts of thanks to troops and then the notes can be mailed. You will have to call a local military office to access names of service men and women for this little project. This is truly a wonderful idea if you or some of wedding guests have family serving overseas.

Are you talented in drawing or painting? Use your abilities when you're selecting a favor to make for party guests. This should make the process far simpler and you aren't as prone to get frustrated. Make sure you think about those helping you as well. If you and your sweetheart are planning a large or medium wedding party, you could need to have assistance to put together the wedding party favors. Select a favor that will be very easy to put together in an assembly line with your sisters, girlfriends or bridesmaids helping.

Since you're fashioning your own wedding party favors, you are going to want to pick something that will reflect a hobby or your personality. Make sure you consider the message or information you hope to convey to your party guests. Is the wedding going to be more formal or laid back? These questions will help you to get a great present to assemble for guests at your wedding. To make the wedding favors more personal, consider making a wedding favor thank you tag. These can be made on your home computer and taped to the gifts.

Holiday themed weddings make it easy and fun to create your party favors. Pick something that will fit the holiday or season. Tiny pine trees can be decorated for wedding parties that happen around Christmas. These can be given out to decorate your wedding guests' houses around the season. You can make carameled apples for weddings in autumn. Put the completed apples in clear bags with ribbon that suits the wedding decor. Spiced tea bags like apple and cinnamon can also be used for fall weddings as well. Make a wedding favor label with the names of the groom and bride and the date of the wedding.

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Claire Call is a content writer for who writes about where to look for only the best for wedding supplies, favors and parties . See tips and information on wedding favor labels to help your wedding day be everything that you ever hoped it could be.

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