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New Web Site Offers Free Wedding Money to Engaged Couples Just for Asking

Gaithersburg, MD (PRWeb) January 11, 2007 -- With the advent of the Internet, many traditions of love, dating, and marriage have changed. Some say for the better, as now love is only "a click away." Once you find that special someone and decide to settle down, you will launch into a stress filled & costly endeavor known as wedding planning. For most, this is a period that usually lasts about a year but can be as short as a few weeks or as long as several years. Tradition says that the father of the bride pays for the wedding, however we live in an era where this is no longer a reality. According to, 32% of couples now take on the financial burden of paying for their own wedding.

The stress associated with finances is not something that anyone should have to endure, but more than that, it should not interfere with the biggest day of your life (or the first year of your marriage). Enter, a new venture launched by Web Traffic Team, a Maryland based Internet Marketing firm. The goal of the site is to "reduce the financial burden for engaged couples and newlyweds one couple at a time."

How does it work? The concept is simple, and pretty clever. In short, the couples fill out a form on the web site indicating that they want to receive free money towards their wedding expenses, reply to the automated email letting the company know why they should be chosen to receive the money (it does not have to be need based), and agree to be contacted by the vendors, some of which will offer discounted pricing to the soon-to-be-wed couple. The wedding related vendors pay to be listed in the vendor directory and receive business leads from the couples that fill out the form, and a portion of those funds will be granted to the fortunate couples.    

"It's a win-win situation," according to the site developers at Web Traffic Team. "The couples win because they need a resource to find vendors for their wedding and a way to pay them, and the vendors win because there is a captive audience of people who need their services. The vendors also get added web exposure due to our 'search engine friendly' web technology employed in the directory and have the chance to be featured as columnists on the site. An addition bonus is the volume of web traffic that comes to a site that gives away money" is currently offering "lifetime listings" for new vendors who want to pre-pay to be listed in the directory. The company is also seeking development partners, strategy partners, and venture capital for future growth of the company, which includes hiring wedding consultants to enhance the users experience and provide a wealth of free wedding resources.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, the site operators expect to see an influx of new visitors, and in return help several couples breathe a little easier.

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