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How to Host an Elegant Las Vegas Themed Wedding

Las Vegas weddings are known as tacky and have been since Las Vegas opened its first drive-thru wedding chapel. But now, brides want the excitement of a Las Vegas wedding, without the tackiness.

The first way to transform a tacky Las Vegas wedding into an elegant Las Vegas wedding is to send an elegant Las Vegas wedding invitation. A wedding invitation sets the mood for a wedding before any guests walk through the door. A wedding invitation can match a Las Vegas themed wedding through color, photos, icons and more. Elegant Las Vegas wedding invitations used to be hard to come by. Most of them featured playing cards and dice, while others features the King, Elvis. But now, many invitation companies have many Las Vegas wedding invitations, and VegasWedlock has the most with over 200.

Another way to rid the tacky Las Vegas wedding is one of the easiest. The Las Vegas wedding venue can be an easy choice to help promote elegance. The decorations can also be elegant with Las Vegas wedding chips spread across the tables. They can also be great for Las Vegas wedding favors. Many sites have elegant Las Vegas wedding chips that feature photos of a bride and groom and other beautiful options.

The colors of a Las Vegas wedding can also turn a Las Vegas wedding tacky or elegant the instant a guest walks through the door. Red is a sensitive color and can make a room pop with excitement and romance, but it can also be used for evil. Red should be used as an accent color and not the base color for the entire room and decorations. A base color should usually be a neutral like cream, white, ivory or beige. Don't limit the decorations and colors to only two. Many colors can have a beautiful effect when used wisely. But if a decorator or bride doesn't know how the colors will turn out, beware ... here comes the tacky. Usually a base color with one or two accent colors that compliment each other work best.

For those traveling to Las Vegas for an elegant wedding, their wedding planning is easier done. No decorations need to be Las Vegas themed, the invitations don't even need to be Las Vegas themed. Just the fact that a couple is marrying in Las Vegas says everything and has enough Las Vegas in it. The family and friends who travel to Las Vegas to witness a bride and groom marry will experience Las Vegas to its fullest when they arrive in their Las Vegas hotel room and look out the window. Everything about Las Vegas is Las Vegas so no further decorations need apply. Though, Las Vegas themed decorations can also be elegant when chosen carefully.

Once again, a Las Vegas wedding can be a beautiful occasion and any wedding planner can rid the Las Vegas wedding tacky stereotype. Simply choose wisely and don't settle for less than desired decorations, invitations or venue.

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Renae earned her BA degree in journalism from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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