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The History of Specialist Lighting Photography in Chicago

Every photographer from amateurs to professionals with decades in the business knows that there are several different types of considerations to be made when going for a great photo. Many photographers will also say that getting lighting right is one of the biggest challenges in their profession. In cities like Chicago where several large modeling agencies have offices, studio lighting is a good skill for any Chicago based photographer to master. For this reason, as well as taking everyday portraits, it is important to practice good specialist lighting photography in Chicago.

Many photographers like to stay with the lighting basics. The goal is produce photos that literally show the client in their best light. Like all other aspects in photography it is a good idea to consider the client and their desire for the appearance of the photo when deciding on lighting issues. Some professional photographers spend a great deal of time learning all of the various specialty lighting techniques and their time and patience is rewarded by producing top quality photographs and repeat business. Especially with the thriving modeling industry, a photographer who utilizes good specialty lighting photography in Chicago has a good shot at success.

Interestingly enough, the beginning of specialty lighting photography was in Chicago. A man named George Raymond Lawrence was the first photographer to begin experimenting with lighting as a way to enhance photos in the early decades of the twentieth century. His theory involved the use of magnesium chloride to create better lighting in early portrait photographs and those taken at night. Despite having no educational training in chemistry and experiencing several explosions that resulted in burning hair, mustache, and burst eardrums, he eventually achieved success. His invention the ?Flashlight Lawrence? was the first photography flash that remotely resembles the flashes used with cameras today. His invention earned him the nickname ?The Father of Flashlight Photography.? His invention worked by the magnesium powder being ignited by electrical wires within the charges. This produced the brilliant white light Lawrence needed to take portraits indoors of a quality that hadn?t been seen before.

That was just the start of George Lawrence?s success with Chicago specialty lighting photography. From that first invention designed to be used indoors, Lawrence created a portable system that allowed him to take a photo of Chicago?s mammoth Coliseum using 20 pounds of powder on the first attempt and only 5 ounces after his adjustments were made. George Lawrence is credited with paving the way of the invention of floodlights and photographic flashbulbs.

While specialty lighting photography is incredibly important in Chicago, and all other areas, it had its humble beginnings in Chicago as well. A fore thinking, determined man single handedly changed the course photography lighting, giving the field of photography the technology it needed to produce higher quality photographs. His designs and inventions are still the basis for specialty lighting today. Today, of course, the specialty lighting photography techniques are easier to work with and safer. Now lighting has been improved to help create the photographic masterpieces we are all familiar with.

Author Bio: This article was written by David Sytsma PhD of Beautiful Memories Photo.Beautiful Memories Photo offers stunning wedding photography throughout the Chicago area.Always artistic, personable and professional photographers you can rely on,and exclusively wedding photography!

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