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The 9 Essential Wedding Toast Tips

Having done three unprepared wedding speeches before, I know all about the stress involved in getting up in front of a

wedding audience. The wedding day is a very special event for many people involved and the last thing you want to do is to

be remembered for you terrible wedding toast or speech.

Wedding toasts are certainly much easier to prepare than a wedding speech is. Toasts are much shorter and usually a lot less

serious than the speeches. Traditionally a toast was made as a sign of communal agreement. It has since become a very

important part of the wedding party and is a part of the wedding that often gets remembered for years to come.

A wedding toast usually starts off with a little story or a quote to set the scene. The toast master will then proceed to

make the toast. Make sure that your introduction is appropriate and that it is appropriate to the person(s) you are

toasting. If you feel to clueless, then you can consult one of the many e-books on the market. They will quickly give you

some prewritten wedding toasts that you can either use or modify. One of the best guides for wedding toasts are Wedding

Toasts made easy by Tom Haibeck. This book has since become the manual for many wedding toasts and speeches and was featured

on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Here are the 9 essential tips for delivering a great wedding toast:

1. Wedding toasts are not wedding speeches. Keep your toast short and to the point, usually no more than one to two minutes.

2. When you're ready to make your toast, be sure to stand up so people can see you. It?s customary to tap on your glass with

a spoon to get everybody?s attention. The only person(s) who remain seated are the one?s who are being toasted.

3. Before toasting, give the guests time to refill their glasses.

4. Hold your glass in your right hand when proposing the toast and raise the glass toward the person you are toasting when

you are finished.

5. After a toast, it is customary for everyone to clink glasses before sipping. People will follow your lead ? show them

when to clink their glasses and when to drink.

6. Keep the toast clean and appropriate for the audience. Humor is good, humiliation is not. Keep in mind that there are

usually older people (grandparent's) and children present.

7. Speak slowly and clearly and make sure that everyone can hear you.

8. As your making your toast, look around the room at the guests. As you finish up, be sure to make eye contact with the

bride and groom, or the person you are presenting the toast too.

9. Practice your toast before the wedding. Make sure you know what you are going to say and if need be, you can write it

down and keep it with you, just in case you get stuck.

Wedding toasts are part of the celebration. Try and keep it upbeat. Don?t get too emotional and give people something to be

cheerful about.

This article is published with the permission of Our Wedding Vows.Com. For the very best ideas and information on wedding vows and wedding speeches, please feel free to visit http://www.OUR-WEDDINGVOWS.COM

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