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How To Recreate Tom & Katie?s Magic At Your Own Wedding

Their Story

One of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year was, of course, the gorgeous ceremony held for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Italy on November 19th. First, let's talk about what this high-profile couple did to make their wedding amazing, then we can discuss how their celebrity wedding could inspire your day.

The Service

The service was held in Bracciano, Italy. The area is named for the beautiful Lake Bracciano which does double duty as a tourist attraction and as the water reserves for the city of Rome. Behind Lake Bracciano is the 12th century Orsini Odescalchi castle where Tom and Katie actually said ?I do.? Just looking at the photos of the castle is enough to conjure up thoughts of fairytales and princesses.

Gowns and Suits

Of course, if you're going to get married in a castle, you need to be dressed like a princess and Katie definitely was in her ivory silk off-the-shoulder gown made by Giorgio Armani. In fact, everyone in the wedding party, plus Tom and Katie's 7 month old daughter Suri, wore outfits designed by Armani for the occasion.

Not surprisingly, the ceremony was conducted by a Scientology minister. Most of the aspects of a Scientology ceremony do not differ greatly from those of the more familiar Christian ceremonies, except guests play a role in the service must agree to recognize their union. Tom and Katie would have also been asked to agree never to go to bed angry and the rings have special significance: they serve as a reminder to continue growing closer to one another.

And Finally

Italian singer Andrea Bocelli serenaded the couple in front of their reception guests and after everything else fireworks went off over the castle to signal the end of the evening. The happy couple left Rome the next morning to start their honeymoon in the Maldives.

So - Over to You

So how can you capture some of this same magic in your own wedding at a price that is affordable?

Look for an unusual and romantic setting ? a botanical garden with lakes, flowers and interesting buildings perhaps?

Find a local seamstress, show her the designs of Katie?s dress and let her loose!

Scientology may not be your cup of tea, but could choose to do something special: a candle lighting ceremony, reciting poems, honoring deceased family members who are missed, having family members or friends make speeches or perform songs, etc. When you add something to the ceremony make sure to include it in your wedding program, along with a brief explanation of its significance.

As far as your reception goes, Andrea may be beyond your reach, but a good wedding singer or other live performer perhaps? Perhaps a local music school has a rising star? ? you'd be surprised at how much undiscovered talent you might find.

But what about the fireworks? Ok if you can afford them. If not, but you'd still like to add in some fireworks, consider giving out sparklers to your guests or having sparkling fountains ignited before the your first dance. Firecrackers could be used as a noisy finale to the night's festivities as well.

And For Special Effects

Other ?special ideas? include: chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, performing magicians, releases of white doves, and bubble machines are just a few ideas to consider.

Just because you aren't fabulously wealthy celebrities, it doesn't mean your wedding is doomed to being drab and ordinary. Remember the one thing ? besides spending more ? that separates their celebrity wedding from ours is creativity. Have an open mind and use ideas like the ones above to make your special day even more amazing. And for, at least one day, you'll both feel like stars.

Chris Morton ran hotels and restaurants for 17 years - catering for 100's of weddings. His wife Sue is a wedding planner with 10 years experience. Together they have established to provide unbiased help for brides and grooms. email:

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